pneumatic horn / for divers / emergency

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pneumatic horn / for divers / emergency pneumatic horn / for divers / emergency - BB100/BB200


  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for divers

  • Other characteristics:


  • Sound intensity:

    136 dB


The BUDDY BLAST is a high volume emergency air horn which is designed to be operated easily with cold hands or gloves in an emergency. There are no tiny buttons to locate - you simply grip the body of the unit and squeeze the spring-loaded halves together to produce a huge 136dB blast of attention-grabbing noise.

The BLAST includes a 61cm (24') medium pressure hose with a swivel connection so that the unit can be rotated to the ideal position. Sitting on the upper chest area, the air horn is always within reach and easily located in an emergency.

It is designed to fit in-line with either the AP200 (and the post 2007 APV200) A.P.Valve inflator or the Auto Air Octo-inflator.

Available in 2 versions:
BB100 - with Auto Air connection
BB200 - with APV200 connection

The BB100 has been designed to work with the Auto Air so that it does not impede the air flow and affect the emergency breathing performance of this valve.

NOTE: the Blast will only work as an air-horn above water.