surface marker buoy



SMBCI/3M/35P - 3m Self-sealing Surface Marker Buoy with Easifil Adaptor

The 3m, extra long, self-sealing AP Surface Marker Buoy is more than double the length of a regular SMB and is designed specifically for maximum visibility in difficult conditions in the open ocean.

It comes loaded with additional features.

Original AP self-sealing baffle - tried & tested design seals airtight on inflation
Easy deployment and inflation - velcro release and inflated via Easifil stem
Easifil inflator hose stem - allows easy snag-free inflation using your BC or dry-suit inflator hose
Can also be filled with a regulator via bottom opening
Brass trigger hook attachment - rolls into compact package for stowage
Light-stick attachment pouch - at the top with tie-off loops
Strobe attachment point - velcro loop at the top with tie-off loops
Extendable loop at the bottom - up to 70cm long - allows the SMB to be pulled upright at the surface by inserting fin
Top Eyelet - for attaching a message slate, ID marker, reflector or recovery loop

Nominal Dimensions: 3m x 20cm wide
Stowed Dimensions: 28cm x 9cm

Volume: 32 litres
Weight: 0.67 kg

Currently available in Hi-viz Red