soundproofing panel / for thermal insulation / composite / rubber



  • Applications:

    soundproofing, for thermal insulation

  • Material:

    composite, rubber, cork


ACM18 is an engineered cork, rubber and EVA´s composite material used in multilayer panel constructions as a CLD (constrained layer damper) preventing and dissipating structural vibration before it is transformed into airborne noise.

This Multilayer Panel Material made from recycled cork granules, rubber and EVA´s, was specially engineered to achieve acoustic isolation, and lightweight and thermal properties. In order to combine comfort and performance in everyday settings, this material guarantees easy installation and flexibility.

ACM18 is used in several applications where the need for structural damping, thermal barriers and mainly noise reduction is a requirement. It achieves a balance between performance, in particular in terms of acoustic performance and lightweight properties.