dive support boat / outboard

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dive support boat / outboard dive support boat / outboard


  • Type:

    dive support boat

  • Motor type:


  • Length:

    5.6 m, 6.6 m, 7.85 m, 8.45 m (18'04")

  • Passenger capacity:

    10 unit, 12 unit


As a diver you need to have complete trust in your equipment. The Polarcirkel Diving model is the most robust open boat ever produced.

It offers great design, top quality materials, user friendliness and low maintenance. In contrast to conventional RIB’s, Polarcirkel boats have rigid pontoons filled with expanded polystyrene and combined with strong rigid 21 degree, V–shaped hulls. They are virtually unsinkable with unique stability and excellent seaworthiness.

These boats can take a rough landing or beaching virtually anywhere without serious damage. The boat is self bailing, and the deck is fitted with soft, non-skid rubber matting, which compared to other boats is more practical for diving equipment. With speeds of up to 40 knots and great load capacity, the Polarcirkel boat will take you quickly and safely to and from your diving areas.