work boat professional boat / inboard / outboard



  • Type:

    work boat

  • Motor type:

    inboard, outboard

  • Length:

    10.5 m (34'05")


A unique boat concept with double buoyancy pontoons
The Polarcirkel 1050 Workboat has double buoyancy pontoons manufactured from 500 mm PE tubing. The hull is approximately identical to our other boats, featuring a 21° V-bottom. However, this model has 3 pressure-tested chambers. This ensures very good buoyancy.

The Polarcirkel 1050 model can be offered with an inboard motor with drive propulsion, inboard motor with water jet or ordinary outboard motors. The cabin boat can also be delivered with twin motors.

Window wipers are installed for all front windows. A number of useful details are included, such as stainless steels shackles, lots of cabin space, slanted stern tube with incorporated steps and comfortable padded seats.

Polarcirkel 1050 is offered with various engine alternatives. Here is a version with two inboard motors and drive.
The new workboat can also be offered in two smaller versions upon request, Polarcirkel 910 or Polarcirkel 1000.
The boat is equipped with a large cabin type walk-around. Inside the cabin, there are four padded seats and a large bench seating three persons.
A Dacon resque net can be integrated in the pontoon. A useful and handy tool in case an accident should occur.
A compact optional life-raft can also be offered to ensure your safety.
The Polarcirkel 1050 model is a tailor made workplace with many practical solutions and smart details.