slalom windsurf board / racing

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slalom windsurf board / racing slalom windsurf board / racing - SL3


  • Intended use:

    slalom, racing

  • Volume:

    105 l, 115 l, 128 l (28 gal)


Pascal and Diony have worked really hard to reach the targeted result. The board are shorter and wider, thinner.On a shorter outline, the hull-bottom sports a long V and a progressive double-concave to flat.The double cut-outs have been developed for the good compromise between speed, planning and relaunch to the jibe.All this is meant to improve the board’s intrinsic speed.The mast-foot position is sunk into the deck.The new OSS Carbon Double Sandwich specific for SL3 is lighter and boosts performance ! Ling Vee and progressive double concave along the hull sharped rails compact outline double Cut outs