inboard runabout / outboard / electric / classic
inboard runabout

Length: 6.1 m

eLex 610 – natural elegance built with passion Elegance and highest boatbuilding quality characterize this world premiere of the Austrian lake Woerthersee. The eLex 610 combines design and practical use and disclose their added value ...

inboard express cruiser / hybrid / electric / open
inboard express cruiser

Length: 9.6 m

The FOILER is a radical evolution from any regular yacht. Its fully carbon fiber hull is designed not only for a 007 look, but is also promised for easier takeoff, a smooth landing, and comfortable sailing without using the foils. Its ...

inboard pontoon boat / electric / sport-fishing
inboard pontoon boat

Length: 7.92 m

This large pontoon is great for families, fishing, entertaining friends or cruising on lakes, rivers or intracoastals. These are just the beginnings of your many Fun- Deck or Fisher experiences. Take a close look at the new ElectroCat ...

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Ray Electric Outboard
catamaran cabin cruiser / outboard / electric / twin-engine
catamaran cabin cruiser

Length: 9 m

Outcut 29.5 is a towable catamaran with variable widths with a unique habitability in just nine metres and an unprecedented efficiency. It can be supplied with an open or cruiser set-up and equipped with a combustion or electric engine ...

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outboard express cruiser / hybrid / electric / hard-top
outboard express cruiser
Nexus Revo 870

Length: 8.7 m

The premiere of the season 2017 Nexus Revo 870 is a vessel designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding shipowners in the sector of displacement and semi planing yachts. We connected its nautical qualities, verified in its ...

inboard cabin cruiser / electric / hybrid / hard-top
inboard cabin cruiser

Length: 7.82 m

The Windrush 25 launch is the brilliant new boat from Bossoms Boatyard for entertaining family and friends - or maybe just for a couple who sometimes want to leave the busy world behind! As traditional Thames river launch builders, we ...

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Bossoms Boatyard
inboard center console boat / electric / side console / 11-person max.
inboard center console boat
18 Snug Harbor

Length: 5.61 m

Designed based on our extremely popular Duffy 18′ Packet and 18′ Balboa models, the Duffy 18′ Snug Harbor features some exciting new improvements. One of the major differences is the new, redesigned hull, which has been widened to really ...

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outboard inflatable boat / electric / sport
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 2.55 m

Recreational. Family. Sport boatA great little performer in bay or calm ocean. Motion will sure be your favorite water toy as it's so easy to handle and is very nimble. Electric trolling motor is attachable.Key Features Premium and ...

center console catamaran / inboard / solar-electric powered / dive
center console catamaran

Length: 39'00"

Heliodive is an Aluminum Catamaran designed for scuba diving.She is an electrical powered Catamaran, equipped with 4 to 8 high power lithium batteries and solar panels (10 kWh).This Catamaran is a modular Catamaran and is appropriate ...

outboard inflatable boat / electric / rigid / 2-person max.
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 160 cm

The smallest inflatable available on the market! Packed with features and at a great price, it carries a 5 year warranty on material and manufacture. This inflatable boat uses professional grade 1100 Hytex Fabric throughout its construction, ...

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Excel Inflatables
electric small boat / classic
electric small boat
Linda 520

Length: 5.25 m

Lindvart OÜ, an innovative boat-builder from Saaremaa, has fineshed designing and building a innovative electric boat This elegant and silent designe boat is usable also inland lakes and rivers, where the use of regular motorboats are ...

outboard center console boat / electric / center console / yacht tender
outboard center console boat

Length: 8.2 m

Our 268E tender is 100% electric - not a hybrid - and performs to a level which puts it on a par with diesel-powered electric tenders. As an exceptional guest tender, we think it can't be beaten on aesthetic, performance and its uncompromising ...

solar-electric powered center console boat / yacht tender
solar-electric powered center console boat

Length: 5.25 m

An integrated and walkable foredeck of solar cells, a powerful electric motor, LED lighting, a luxurious interior, a unique look and ample seating for 7 people: we would like to introduce you to the Supiore Uno. The first boat of our ...

outboard runabout / electric / dual-console
outboard runabout

Length: 3.38 m

KART SPECIFICATIONS Lenght: 3.38 m /Ft: 11,15 Beam: 1.36 m / Ft: 4,44 Weight: 58 Kg Max people: 4 Max engine: 8 KW COMFORT Removable bow seating Waterproof bag can be carried as a shoulder bag Ergonomic ...

center console catamaran / electric
center console catamaran

Length: 3.51 m

The X in the 12CSX stands for e”X”citement. While the other models in the ElectraCraft family of environmentally friendly and family oriented pleasure boats stress luxury and freedom of movement, the 12CSX is built for fun and speed. ...

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solar-electric powered express cruiser / hybrid / open / downeast
solar-electric powered express cruiser
EC 30

Length: 9.53 m

The binary modular systems in the main deck, represents a real revolution in the nautical world. Through some simple elements, endless solutions can be developed for the main deck, giving life to the ship owner creativeness. Modularity ...

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inboard runabout / electric / dual-console / 6-person max.
inboard runabout
Admiral 570 Lifestyle

Length: 5.65 m

Specifications Length 5,65 Width 2,1 Weight 650 kg Crew 6 Maximum engine power 16 KM CE Category C/D

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Admiral Boats S.A.
electric small boat / 4-person max.
electric small boat

Length: 14'02"

The Encore is the perfect boat choice for couples and families. With side-by-side fully padded recumbent seats and a bench seat in the rear, a group of 4 can take a spin out on the lake with ease. But don’t be fooled by the size, one ...

electric small boat
electric small boat
Lightning Bug

Length: 4.57 m

The 15’ Lightning Bug has been considered the jewel of electric boats ever since we started making them in 1987. Elegance is reflected not only in the lines of the boat, but also in its simplicity and practicality. Its unique cockpit, ...

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catamaran small boat / electric
catamaran small boat

Length: 3.45 m

Going green couldn’t be easier! This battery-powered alternative cruiser is whisper quiet and extremely easy to operate thanks to point-and-go steering. The CraigCat® Electric will allow you to get up close and personal with nature like ...

electric small boat
electric small boat

Length: 6.02 m

19 Foot Elco Electric Launch For comfort, safety, roominess, simplicity, cleanliness, for everything, in a word, that a pleasure boat intended for short cruises ought to be, the electric launch carries off the palm. The 19-foot ...

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Elco Motor Yachts
catamaran small boat / inboard / solar-electric powered / 10-person max.
catamaran small boat
Catamaran Electrico

Length: 6.2 m

Flash Catamarans is pleased to announce that it has signed a lightweight agreement to market as Broker, the new solar catamaran Solliner, a boat with a very innovative design and 100% solar - powered, completely silent, and at the same ...