Ship engine fluids: air, water, fuel oil, etc.

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ship flow switch / alloy piston
ship flow switch

These rugged inline flow switches use 100 micron filtration and are less susceptible to clogging than other high-pressure inline flow switches. The one-piece magnetic PPS composite piston makes the FS-380 ideal for high-pressure applications ...

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Gems Sensors
automatic selector / for ships / fuel
automatic selector
Diesel Switch

serves for safe engine operation of automatic change over as well as for automatic blending procedure. Product names: DIESEL SWITCH Applications: HFO / MDO Treatment and performance measurement Medium: Oil / Fuel Process: Measure TECHNICAL ...

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diesel filtration system / for ships / with filter / with separator
diesel filtration system

Microorganism infestations in fuel and lubricant tanks (including bacteria, yeasts, molds, and algae) can occur with every filling of the tank, due to ventilation and contamination. Microorganisms can survive, grow, and reproduce only ...

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MAHLE Industriefiltration
discharge marine valve / for ships
discharge marine valve

RICKMEIER pressure relief valves RSn and RSnE are used in the field of oil hydraulics, lubrication technology and with many different oils or lubricants. Valves for installation in pipes are for pressure relief purposes. They are not ...

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ship monitoring system / fuel
ship monitoring system

The Mega-Guard Econometer System (ES) measures and displays the actual fuel consumption with the actual power delivered. In addition, the fuel consumption is totalized and available to be loaded on USB stick. The Econometer System helps ...

heavy fuel oil filter / for ships
heavy fuel oil filter
HD HDU 15/12

The CJC® Heavy Duty Filter, HD HDU 15/12 is used for maintenance of diesel, hydraulic and lube oils at mobile machinery, specially within the mining industry, working under severe conditions such as e.g. excavators, dump trucks, drilling ...

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C.C. Jensen
ship compressor / three-stage
ship compressor

3-stage air-cooled starting-air compressors Exclusively developed for commercial shipping, our Levante 3-stage air-cooled compressors have quickly become the must-have solution for the maritime industry. A robust, compact design allows ...

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Sauer Compressors
shell and tube heat exchanger / for ships
shell and tube heat exchanger
BAESNZ series

For a wide range of industrial applications. This range is particularly effective due to the additional cooling area, and offers a heat exchange performance of 1000 kW. This is produced by aluminium fins, which are pushed over the bank ...

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jbj Techniques Limited
diesel filtration system / shipyard / for ships / automatic
diesel filtration system

iClean ED 100 iClean ED 100 mobile automatic filtration unit by Clean Diesel Australia is the most advanced system on the market comprising state of the art multiphase filtration technology for efficient cleaning of diesel fuel from ...

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Clean Diesel Australia
shell and tube heat exchanger / for ships
shell and tube heat exchanger

Pomar Water design and manufacture heater exchangers according to our customers’ needs and specifications. Our equipments are made according to leading mechanical design codes using 3D systems design. Heater exchangers have different ...

heavy fuel supply system / for ships boilers
heavy fuel supply system

Pump developed to cover various applications and for use with various fluids, with various viscosity and pressure conditions. Main application with Boilers and Burners with low pressure transfer (also installed on the SPB double station) ...

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used oil analysis sensor / for ships
used oil analysis sensor
Oil Condition Sensor

Trend the gradual degradation of oil condition or a step change such as glycol coolant leak or mud drilling fluid ingress. Sensitive to contamination such as free water, glycol, insolubles, oxidation & nitration. This is a trending ...

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engine cooling circuit flow switch / for ships
engine cooling circuit flow switch

Monitors Marine Engine Raw Water Flow to prevent engine damage due to overheating. Activates a visual or audibile device immediately whenever raw water flow is stopped or impeded. It is a two wire, non- polarity switch that is Normally ...

mobile sampler / automatic / fuel / for ships
mobile sampler

Description: A 3-in-1 Diesel Fuel Service Cart (DFS Cart) that efficiently removes water and bacterial growth from diesel fuel that can damage pumps and injectors. The system polishes diesel fuel in storage tanks, as it is dispensed ...

electric ship motor variable frequency drive / ac drive / for ships
electric ship motor variable frequency drive

Designed for the control and speed variation of three-phase induction electric motors, the CFW-10 VSD combines modern design with worldwide technology, where extreme compactness and easy programming stand out. With simple installation ...

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Weg Electric Motors
heavy fuel oil filter / for ships
heavy fuel oil filter

FUNCTION AND TECHNICAL DATA The filter is intended to be installed in marine systems as a unit to clean oil and fuel from mechanical impurities. Capacity, m³/h 9,0 Degree of filtration, mm 0,5 The temperature of the conducting medium, °C +60

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Vineta Ltd.
ship compressor
ship compressor

Features Superior efficiency significantly reduces horsepower drain, reduces maintenance, extends life, saves fuel. Exclusive balanced cylinder design minimizes torque pulsations for smoother operation, less wear. Extended ...

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Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems
containerized filtration system / oil / fuel / for ships
containerized filtration system

Njord Containerized Systems are available for a wide variety of applications, such as: Continuous Power, Emergency Power and Mobile Fueling Systems at for instance mining sites, transportation and other industrial companies. The systems ...

heavy fuel oil filter / for ships
heavy fuel oil filter

APPLICATION AREAS : Disc filter for viscous products: fuel, oil, tar, glue, oil residue, paint, resin, molass... Scamdisc ATEX filter is ideal for applications in petrochemicals, oil & gas, cement, heating circuits. PRODUCT BENEFITS Ability ...

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SCAM Filtres
fuel filtration system / oil / sludge / wastewater
fuel filtration system