Propulsion system sensors

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ship power management system
ship power management system

The Mega-Guard Power Management Sytem (PMS) is an advanced system for full automation of power plant, including power management, diesel engine control, generator control, synchronizing, generator protection and optional diesel engine ...

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Praxis Automation Technology
yacht control panel / thruster / engine
yacht control panel

Visualization, interaction and aesthetics go hand in hand when designing your panels. Radio Zeeland DMP panels provide perfect situation awareness and control feedback by means of LED annunciation. These LED’s light up as soon as the ...

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Radio Zeeland DMP
boat control panel / thruster / engine / wiper
boat control panel

Navix offers wide range of switching appliances and control panels. Products are usually tailored to customer´s needs.

ship control panel / thruster / with control lever
ship control panel

How does one moor a ship with a high degree of accuracy? And how does one keep a ship in position even in challenging circumstances? The Marpower Drives are specifically prepared for these tasks. The Marpower Bow/Stern Thruster application ...

ship power management system
ship power management system

Atlas offers high performance, technologically advanced AC and DC marine switchboard systems. TecPOWER® designs range from basic manual to fully automated operation, according to your specifications. Increasing degrees of automation and ...

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Atlas Marine Systems
ship monitoring and control system / engine room
ship monitoring and control system

For more than 60 years the sophisticated propulsion control and ship monitoring systems of REGULATEURS EUROPA have been supplied to merchant, commercial and military marine applications around the world. Building upon a wealth of expertise, ...

ship control panel / thruster / with alarm
ship control panel

THRUSTER CONTROL SYSTEM TRITON CPT and FPT thruster control and alarm system for tunnel thrusters, with interface to a wide range of thruster makers. Versions for CP-propellers and FP-propellers available. Advantages: Easy to install ...

yacht control panel / thruster / windlass / for stabilizer systems
yacht control panel

TRAC Link is an integrated CAN Bus control for TRAC stabilizers, thrusters, and auxiliary hydraulic loads. TRAC Link control allows multiple touch screen panels and thruster control stations to be connected via simple network cables. ...

oil mist detector / for ships
oil mist detector

LOW-SPEED DIESEL ENGINES ~ MEDIUM, HIGH-SPEED DIESEL ENGINES serious failures can be found early or predicted. Recently, responding to the requirements of engine builders, the manufacturer has developed the sensor type MD-SX oil mist ...

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Daihatsu Diesel Pro
used oil analysis sensor / wear debris / for ships
used oil analysis sensor
Total Ferrous Sensor

The Total Ferrous Wear Debris & Particle Sensor from Parker Kittiwake goes beyond the normal chip detectors and magnetic plugs. It provides contamination analysis which you can monitor in real-time, equipping you with the information ...

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water-in-fuel sensor / ships / for tanks
water-in-fuel sensor

Active Water Sensor Description: Active water sensor for the Fuel Water Separators. Usually ships within 1 business day. 4 Wire Assembly with delphi connectors DC 12V or 24V Operating Temperature Range: -40°F - 185°F / -40°C - 85°C

ships indicator / directional / analog / for azimuth drives
ships indicator

Features Illumination, 100% dimmable Custom scales Type 8161-1000 can be used with Type 5360-1000 Azimuth Control Head Type 8161-1100 can be used with Type 5360-1100 Azimuth Control Head - Digital Specifications Supply: Nominal ...

ship monitoring system / feedwater quality / for engine cooling circuits
ship monitoring system

The cooling water quality control system PETDIESEL® is the first system designed for providing the most suitable solutions for both control and maintenance of diesel engines cooling circuits.Totally designed and built by PETER TABOADA®, ...

ship monitoring system / engine / remotely controlled
ship monitoring system

Remote data acquisition system coming from two engines with CAN Bus J1939 protocol interface. Data can be displayed in real time on portable devices using Wi-Fi connection and forwarded to a remote application accessible from web. All ...