outboard inflatable boat / rigid / 3-person / teak deck
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 2.3 m

The smallest member at the R.I.B-LINE. Shipyard. Even with its size all attention to detail is not spared. We use Military grade ORCA Hyperlon fabric, double sealed seams, fittings to your specification and tubes that are entirely glued ...

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Conrad Pischel Ribline
outboard inflatable boat / rigid / center console / sport
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 5.5 m

... provides a series that gives you the freedom to enjoy nautical sports with the family and friends. The large interior deck space along with the wide range of accessories available allows one to design the boat ...

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outboard inflatable boat / twin-engine / rigid / center console
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 8.5 m

The new Black Shiver 85 is intended for those who are looking for a small size boat that keeps the charm and peculiarities of these famous and super requested boats. The small size does not preclude ...

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outboard inflatable boat / rigid / yacht tender / 4-person max.
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 2.75 m

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Wimbi Boats Ltd
outboard inflatable boat / rigid / side console / 4-person max.
outboard inflatable boat
325 Classic

Length: 3.25 m

Specification: Lenght -3,25m Width -1,58m Weight - 58kg Tube size - 0,42m Internal width - 0,66m Floor lenght - 1,58m Capacity - 4 Max. Load -550kg Category- C Max. power 11,5kw/15Hp V-hull ...

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outboard inflatable boat / triple-engine / RIB / center console
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 15.3 m

UNIQUELY CUSTOM As all Chasers are built in aluminium we can offer you a genuinely unique proposition in the market – RIBs that are custom built in every respect. From size to layout, from standard of finish to propulsion, every part ...

inboard inflatable boat / RIB / dual-console / multi-use
inboard inflatable boat

Length: 13.46 m

... Or with smart - phone/ipad for a complete control of the board option. Mooring and towing is a no stress for the inflatable. Steering wheel in customized stainless steel.

outboard inflatable boat / rigid / center console / fiberglass
outboard inflatable boat
3D 850

Length: 8.45 m

Length (cm) 845 With (cm) 312 Tube diameter (cm) 55 / 63 Max. passengers 18 Total weight (Kg) 1400 Number of airtight chambers 6 Authorized max.power 350

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outboard inflatable boat / rigid / with jockey console / sport
outboard inflatable boat
Ribcraft 750S

Length: 7.5 m

RIBCRAFT 750S The Ribcraft 750s is the next generation of leisure Rib from Ribcraft, It bridges the gap between a leisure Rib and a serious offshore craft. Whether its family days out water-skiing ...

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yacht tender inflatable boat / outboard / RIB / side console
yacht tender inflatable boat
Argos Nautic 305 Yachting

Length: 10'00"

... Yachting tender is designed to fit in tight spaces. Planing at 3 seconds, thanks to its unique hull design that elevates the inflatable tubes out of the water, reducing drag and improving navigation. Getting speeds ...

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Argos Nautic Manufacturing LLC
outboard inflatable boat / rigid / center console / 12-person max.
outboard inflatable boat
680 CL

Length: 715 cm

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outboard inflatable boat / foldable / 5-person max. / inflatable bottom
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 3.2, 1.85 m

... resistance to the marine environment. And handling, implementation and on-board storage is easier, faster. We have designed, tested and validated all the materials and assemblies to achieve a weight up to 50% less than ...

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Orange Marine
outboard inflatable boat / twin-engine / rigid / center console
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 8.07 m

Length overall 8,07 m Beam overall 2,76 m Draft (propulsion up) 0,44 m Max. outboard motor 250 hp Max. number of persons 12 Sleeping places 2 Displacement light (with no motor) 1100 kg Max. load 1630 ...

outboard inflatable boat / rigid / aluminum / 3-person
outboard inflatable boat
TL 240

Length: 2.4 m

Super light & strong alumnium hull purpose built for davits makes this the perfect tenderIdeally suited for beaching roles & long term tender use Standard Features: 2-tone white and light grey tubes with 5 grab handles and 4 fabric ...

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hydro-jet inflatable boat / rigid / center console / 7-person max.
hydro-jet inflatable boat

Length: 4.58 m

... core Stringer System: Sandwich structure, hand laid Kevlar and vinylester resin with polyurethane closed cell foam core Inflatable tube: Hypalon/Neoprene coated polyester fabric 1100 Dtex with No. 5 separate airtight compartments

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outboard inflatable boat / rigid / side console / with jockey console
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 4.1 m

... switch panel W/breaker - Bilge pump W/float switch - Ultra Leather upholstery - Battery switch - Seadeck Tube - Hypalon inflatable tube - 18” tube diameter - Non-Skid Pad - Heavy duty rub strake - Internal life line - 4 air chambers

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PURE Yachting
outboard inflatable boat / electric / RIB / center console
outboard inflatable boat
F 40 / F 45 / F 50

Length: 3.93, 4.45, 5 m

... The F 40 boat is ideal as a dinghy for use on large yachts. All three models of boats have lifting eyes as standard. Will not ever go on plane and be on the road as you displacer, ...

inboard inflatable boat / rigid / center console / 10-person max.
inboard inflatable boat

Length: 7.58 m

Specifications: Overall length 7,58 m Extreme breadth 2,65 m Transom deadrise 21° Weight without engine and fuel 810 kg Load capacity 1290 kg Compartments 5 Maximum engine power 170 kilowatt (230 h.p.) People on board 10 seats CE category B

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EK Marine
outboard inflatable boat / rigid / for fishing / rigid floor
outboard inflatable boat
FishSkiff™ FSK16

Length: 4.88 m

... Roll Up & Stow - Unroll & Go" 16' one or two person INFLATABLE FISHING SKIFF. Simply rolls up and stows. Fits in a car trunk ready to go! Comprised of entirely drop-stitch technology like that of inflatable ...

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inboard inflatable boat / diesel / RIB / center console
inboard inflatable boat

Length: 7.7 m

... platform ideal for a wide range of applications. Specially selected by the US Navy, the 7M RIB is now available for all US Partner Nations via FMS cases. The 7M RIB is available with twin gas outboards, ...

outboard inflatable boat / RIB / center console / touring
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 5.6 m

Family two-colour touring boat whose compact size makes it towable and allows it to be launched from ramps. It comes with a large bow locker, an attractive synthetic Teka finish and a built-in 100 litre tank under the ...

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Vanguard International
hydro-jet inflatable boat / rigid / center console
hydro-jet inflatable boat

Length: 2.5 m

Aermarine produces four models of jet dinghy from 2.50 m to 3.20. However we believe that the Jet engine is not the ideal solution for creating a true dinghy these models are then made only on request ...

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outboard inflatable boat / RIB / center console / aluminum
outboard inflatable boat
A 6

Length: 6.5 m

The A RIB series are the most advanced, mostly custom range of the Alunaut brand. The series are based on proven and seaworthy A-Series hulls and are aimed at the professional user as well as the private market. Common ...

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Alunaut OÜ
outboard inflatable boat / rigid hull / navigation / 6-person max.
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 5.2 m

... from passioned professionals, WETTON 56 is the first creation of our design and engineering office. A compact rigid hull inflatable boat, she is able to move autonomously on land, and can be towed by ...

outboard inflatable boat / RIB / foldable / fiberglass
outboard inflatable boat

Length: 2.75 m

Compact Foldable RIB WinBoat 275RF SPRINT (9 feet in length) Compact foldable inflatable motorboat with rigid fiberglass hull (Foldable RIB)The most notable advantages: Compact in size when folded: 2’10"x3’x1’6”/0.85x0.9x0.4m ...

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TD Aquamarine (Winboat)