Double-braid cordage

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multipurpose cordage / fishing net / double-braid / for fishing ships
multipurpose cordage

... complex design for a winch line for deep sea lifting and lowering as well as for towing fishing trawls. The rope consists of 6 different layers to give it very high cross-sectional stability and axial ...

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JSC Hampidjan Baltic
multipurpose cordage / double-braid / for cruising sailboats
multipurpose cordage

The world of rope evolves quickly. Racing ropes demand minimum stretch and weight, and maximum toughness. Cruising applications demand long life in the meanest natural environments, and absolute reliability ...

mooring rope / double-braid / for ships / polyester core
mooring rope

In close cooperation with market leaders in their respective product ranges, Vryhof Anchors is able to offer polyester mooring lines, chain and steel wire rope.

multipurpose cordage / double-braid / for ships / Dyneema® core
multipurpose cordage

Lash-It!/Zing-It! yields the highest strength, lightest weight, lowest stretch, and longest wear life available. The Samthane coating adds to the twine's wear life, ensure its knot-holding capability, and gives it a distinctive color.

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multipurpose cordage / double-braid / for sailboats / Dyneema® core
multipurpose cordage

A 1-meter sling in 8mm diameter to use as soft brake system (VT Hitch) on slacklines, highlines. Core: Dyneema Cover: Kevlar/PEHT

multipurpose cordage / double-braid / for ships / HMPE polyethylene core
multipurpose cordage

UNIQUE DOUBLE BRAID CONSTRUCTION CONSISTING OF A CORE OF BLENDED TECHNORA AND HMPE WITH A POLYESTER COVER. Blending of the two core fibers reduces the fiber to fiber abrasion greatly enhancing performance ...

mooring cordage / towing / double-braid / for ships
mooring cordage

Polyester Double Braid provides an excellent combination of high strength, low stretch, excellent weathering resistance, and easy handling. The standard color for Polyester Double Braid ...

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anchor line / double-braid / for boats
anchor line
06.444.XX Series

Made of high-strength polyester double braid with hand-spliced eye.

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multipurpose cordage / double-braid / twisted / for boats
multipurpose cordage

The products are mainly have PP, PE, NYLON, PET etc. And according to the customer request, add all sorts of color. The products are mainly used for civilian use, fishing, industrial etc.

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