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sport-fishing super-yacht / flybridge / composite / displacement
sport-fishing super-yacht

Length: 33.2 m

Introducing the latest edition to the Warwick Yacht Design fleet: the elegant and performance built 103’ Sportsfisherman With traditional Sportsfish sheer, large fighting cockpit and two professional game chairs. Powered ...

sport-fishing motor yacht / with enclosed flybridge / composite / planing hull
sport-fishing motor yacht

Length: 17.28 m

... The hull sides are to be epoxy glass laminate/foam/epoxy glass laminate. The hull laminate is post-cured, a complete rigid composite backbone and stiffening structure installed to designer specification. Super structure ...

cruising super-yacht / flybridge / carbon / GRP
cruising super-yacht
Grande 32 METRI

Length: 32 m

... Interior designerAchille Salvagni Architetti Hull designerPierluigi Ausonio Naval Architect & Azimut Yachts KeelD2P Displacement to Planing BuilderAzimut Yachts ACCOMODATION Cabins5 + 3 crew Berths10 ...

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cruising super-yacht / hard-top / composite / displacement hull
cruising super-yacht

Length: 45.5 m

Hull COMPOSITE Superstructure COMPOSITE Length Overall 149′ / 45.5 M Beam ...

cruising mega-yacht / flybridge / composite / GRP
cruising mega-yacht

Length: 50 m

... other yacht of this dimension. For the fi rst time ever, the advantages of a composite construction : light, easy to handle, fast, sturdy – and those of aluminium fl agships : spacious, stable, comfortable ...

cruising motor yacht / flybridge / fiberglass / planing hull
cruising motor yacht

Length: 26.76 m

Sanlorenzo has channeled its decades of experience into the SL86, combining signature styling with new innovations and an unparalleled level of customization within its category. The bulwarks is cut to let the larger side windows catch ...

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Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo
high-speed motor yacht / open / soft-top / composite
high-speed motor yacht

Length: 29 m

The new Magnum 100′ model, presented by Magnum Marine, will be Magnum’s largest yacht. The styling was designed by the talented young, Italian designer, Alberto Mancini, and offers a completely new concept of outdoor ...

cruising super-yacht / raised pilothouse / composite / displacement
cruising super-yacht

Length: 34 m

The Westport 112 | 34m offers eloquent proof of Westport's leadership in the design and construction of exceptional motor yachts. Crisp, contemporary styling balanced with timeless traditional appeal keynotes a vessel ...

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cruising motor yacht / wheelhouse / composite / displacement
cruising motor yacht

Length: 26.23 m

... Naval architecture Wally Allseas Styling Wally / Luca Bassani Interior design Wally / Luca Bassani Construction type Composite GRP / carbon Certification CE Category A

cruising super-yacht / flybridge / wheelhouse / shaft drive
cruising super-yacht

Length: 43.1 m

The Majesty 140 is a masterpiece created by Gulf Craft’s very own Design Studio. This project has redefined the meaning of superyacht by setting new standards in on-board space and entertainment features. It is indeed in a class of its ...

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Majesty Yachts
cruising super-yacht / raised pilothouse / flybridge / composite
cruising super-yacht

Length: 31.09 m

... woods, exquisite craftsmanship, stone countertops and fine furnishings will have you convinced that this is our finest motor yacht ever.

fishing motor yacht / expedition / trawler / flybridge
fishing motor yacht

Length: 74'06"

... Nordhavn has taken what it does best, building long-range luxury expedition yachts, and incorporated all the fishing features and rigging found on tournament sportfishers to create a yacht that can truly ...

cruising motor yacht / traditional / open / soft-top
cruising motor yacht

Length: 20.32 m

... combining the elegant social spaces of a cruising yacht with the fun of a day boat. The Alen 68 has 20% more volume than most comparable motor yachts, creating more walk-around deck space and more ...

cruising motor yacht / flybridge / fiberglass / semi-displacement hull
cruising motor yacht

Length: 103'00"

Design built on flexibility and seamlessness between interior and exterior spaces, with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment.

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Arcadia Yachts
expedition super-yacht / flybridge / wheelhouse / composite
expedition super-yacht

Length: 38.4 m

... first North American–built composite megayacht to achieve Lloyd’s Register classification. In addition to the usual regulation stability standards, ANDREA meets the “international severe wind and roll criterion,” something ...

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Delta Marine
sport motor yacht / IPS / composite / planing hull
sport motor yacht
EVO 55

Length: 16.5 m

Designed by Arch. Gian Marco Campanino | GMC Architecture, this sporty yacht can reach the incredible top speed of 40 knots thanks to the VOLVO IPS 1200 which is fitted engines. It’s a real day-cruiser or weekender which ...

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cruising motor yacht / hard-top / open / IPS
cruising motor yacht

Length: 15.8 m

... Perfection of scale Mazu Yachts 52 is a superyacht chase boat with a huge deck spaces to welcome crowded guests on board. The 16-metre vessel is also can equally operate independently as a personal yacht ...

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Mazu Yachts
cruising motor yacht / flybridge / hydro-jet / composite
cruising motor yacht

Length: 53'09"

... Construction is infused FRP composite with CoreCell PVC foam core. Water-jet propulsion means that this vessel will have an operating draft of approximately three feet, or roughly one and one-half feet less than a propeller-driven ...

high-speed motor yacht / hard-top / composite / aluminium
high-speed motor yacht

Length: 25 m

25m aluminium/composite high speed express cruiser 40+ knots top speed Design by Michael Peters Yacht Design; interior by JC Espinosa Jim Radley, owner, M/Y Jariya “McMullen & Wing’s reputation for ...

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McMullen & Wing
high-speed motor yacht / hard-top / composite / planing hull
high-speed motor yacht

Length: 19 m

... Art of Kinetik. Blending enviable levels of comfort and refinement with daring looks and peerless performance, this 63 foot yacht epitomizes the genre. Its solid mahogany hull and Rolls Royce water jets combine to deliver ...

cruising motor yacht / flybridge / composite / with 3 or 4 cabins
cruising motor yacht
Bravo 68

Length: 21.03 m

... Fexas ride comfort and performance is borne out in this remarkable yacht. A big 68 foot three stateroom motoryacht that is also a poised performer. Light yet strong resin infused composite construction ...

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Cheoy Lee
high-speed mega-yacht / raised pilothouse / composite
high-speed mega-yacht
Wavepiercer Giga

Length: 86 m

This grand design has been developed for a client wanting the ultimate in spacious luxury and functionality. The vast internal volume combined with improved seakeeping and passage making speeds of the wavepiercer platform are key factors ...

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LOMOcean Design

How to choose this product


A composite yacht is a recreational motor vessel built of fiberglass-, carbon- or Kevlar®-reinforced resin. On NauticExpo yachts are at least 15 meters long and super-yachts are from 30 to 45 meters. Larger craft are called mega-yachts.


Such vessels are found in charter service or used by individuals for cruising or short outings.


Composites are rarely used for yachts above 30 meters because construction requires meticulous processes and a shipyard with more expensive, specialized equipment than that used in steel or aluminum boat building. Thus, metal hulls with composite decks, solid or sandwich, are more common.

This saves weight in the superstructure, increases stability and offers more harmonious shapes and a superior finish than can be obtained with metal. Construction procedures include infusion, vacuum and hand laying. The finish surface is usually gelcoat.

How to choose

Choice will depend on boat size and number of cabins needed. If the vessel is for charter use, facilities for hotel services and a certain separation between crew and guest areas must be planned.


- Lighter, less fuel consumption
- More curved forms possible
- Simplified maintenance


- Hard to recycle when scrapped
- Complex, expensive construction
- Less sturdy than metal