underwater light / for boats / LED / waterproof
LNK-FL-B Xiamen Lonako Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.



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    for boats

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LNK-FL-B blue fish lamp is specially designed for the fishermen and fishing enthusiasts to attract fishes gathering around the lamp in the water in order to make the fishing more effectively in the night.
One whole unit of fish lamp includes a underwater lamp and a power controller. The underwater lamps are made of many powerful blue LED which keep high brightness, low radiation and power dissipation. The maximum waterproof depth is over 200 meters for the different power of lamps.
The power controller can be used to adjust the light intensity and working time of the underwater lamp according to the water environment of fishing location and the phototaxis of different fishes to improve the efficiency of fishing work. This fish lamp is specially fit for squid, hairtail, mackerel, Jack Macheral, saury and tuna and so on.
The AC85~265V power supply for these fish lamps is normally used in the worldwide. The product is waterproof so that it is safe and reliable. Each product is packed individually in small suitcase and easily carried to everywhere.

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