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In a BlueComfort Premium system, a yacht air-conditioner and a diesel-fired boat heater are integrated into a single system. The use of a water heater guarantees full heat output, even at low seawater temperatures when inverse circuit operation reaches its limits.

This integrated system uses the same water lines, fan heat exchangers, air ducts and cabin control modules for both heating and air conditioning operation. For user-friendly operation, the main system is regulated by a controller and each cabin has individual controls to adjust the temperature and blower speed.

The BlueComfort Premium system offers two integration options: The basic and the deluxe version.
My advantages

Integration of a chiller A/C unit and a diesel fired water heater into one system
Comfort like at home in any weather conditions
Modular concept allowing multiple configurations
Full range of solutions for any size boat
System combinations available from 12,000 to 572,000 BTU/h cooling capacity and from 3.5 to 37 kW heating capacity

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