boat air conditioner / for yachts / reversible
BlueCool C-Series



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    for boats, for yachts

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Whenever three or more independent areas in a yacht need to be air-conditioned, a central chiller system is the right choice. The system features one central control unit and a separate control panel for each cabin. For smaller chiller systems up to 108,000 BTU / h the new BlueCool C-Series is the perfect choice.

The BlueCool C-Series:
- Improved performance and up to 15 % higher effi ciency
- Continuous cooling capacity even in tropical conditions
- Even more compact design
- New improved electronics for easy installation and diagnosis via USB cable
- Optional CAN-Bus for optimized adaptation to boat systems
- Compressor noise is reduced by up to 25 %
- Easy sea water and chilled water connections at one side
- Strong stainless steel tray and condensate drain
- High quality Epoxy paint protection
- Vibration absorber and Silent block available as an option
- Soft start devices available as an option