speed windsurf board / freewave
KODE Starboard



  • Intended use:

    speed, freewave

  • Volume:

    86 l, 94 l, 103 l, 109 l (23 gal)


The fast rocker, thin rails and thruster fin setup option come together to improve the Kode FreeWaves wave performance while keeping their top speed and directional traction. They offer amazing versatility, performing equally well on flat-water, chop or medium to small waves.

The smallest size (86) is delivered with a set of thruster fins that combines a MFC TF 19 center fin with Drake Natural Wave 11 side fins for a blend of speed, grip, maneuverability and stability in all conditions.
The bigger sizes (94, 103 and 109) are delivered with the new MFC FreeWave single fin for more speed, more directional stability and earlier planing.