boat man overboard rescue system
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This rescue device represents a combination of a marker buoy with a salvage sling and therefore accomplishes both functions.

The device has been designed in such a way that the helmsman of a sailing yacht may activate the buoy with one hand only. The buoy has to be attached to the rails by means of its Velcro tapes close to the position of the helmsman. The bag has to be placed looking outward of the boat with the handle for the activation looking downwards. If the helmsman activates the device the buoy falls into the water and will be inflated immediately. Thus, you can mark without delay the position of any accident and place a rescue device at immediate reach of any victim. The signal light on top of the pole starts to blink once it had contact with water.

The signal light and the flag on top of the pole are located approximately 2 m above the surface of the water. Flag and signal light can still be seen easily even under harsh conditions with strong winds because the salvage sling stabilizes the buoy in the water and the weight on the bottom keeps the buoy erect. A sea anchor avoids that the buoy drifts too much away from the initial point of activation. The buoy is equipped additionally with a whistle within reach of the victim and retro-reflective stripes on top of the pole. All requirements of ISAF Special Regulations, item 4.22 a) and b) are thus completely fulfilled.

The victim can grab the webbing assembly around the pole and put its body between both wings of the salvage sling. One end of the webbing assembly is equipped with a stainless steel carbine hook which the victim can put around its body for additional security closing the hook on the other end.