inboard houseboat / outboard / canal
H2HOME 1150 Pedro-Boat



  • Motor type:

    inboard, outboard

  • Intended use:


  • Length:

    11.5 m (37'08")


The H2home has been developen for pure enjoyment. Designed like a holiday bungalow to explore lakes and canals. The H2home is easily manoeuvrable and therefore for everyone, who really want to enjoy their holidays.

Low maintenance
The H2home is designed with 2 steel floaters in order to achieve minimal drag in the water. The used materials are low in maintenance. The superstructure consists of 80 mm composite sandwichpanels, combined with maintenance free window frames and double glazing. This makes the insulation value extremely high. Your sailing season can be extended and opens the possibility to be on the H2home all year around.

Flexible layout
The flexible layout in the H2home makes it a boat with many possibilities. A wheelchair friendly version is also available.