anti-capsize system / for sailboats / for yachts / fixed



  • Function:

    anti-capsize system

  • Application domain:

    for sailboats, for yachts

  • Mount:


  • Additional function:

    man-overboard alarm


UpSideUp is your reliable crew, for your safety, your serenity, and your performances...

An à la carte configuration for the racing multihulls, the multihulls of cruise and sailboats of journey.

The UpSideUp Master’s version offers an access to all the available functions of the UpSideUp solution; specific functions can be developed on request.
This UpSideUp version allows an advanced control of the system thanks to the software “UpSideUp Control Center”.
The UpSideUp Master's main unit integrates a powerful processor and lots of input-outputs. So she can support to manage numerous complex functions without affecting the reactivity of the system.
If the functional capacities of UpSideUp are important, the architecture and the general design of the system allows to keep it user friendly, whatever the project and the level of complexity of the solution installed.

Standard Functions:
~ Monitoring and control of the loads in the rigging
~ Anti-capsize - heel and nose-diving limitor
~ Remote and centralized commands for hydraulic and electric devices
~ Management of critical situations (collision risks, shallows, wind strengthening)
~ Multi-alarms management
~ Flooding detection
~ Advance data logging
~ and much more…