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pollution control boom / inflatable / for harbors
Beach series Mavi Deniz



  • Type:

    pollution control

  • Technology:


  • Application zone:

    for harbors


Beach Sealing Boom + Shore Boom
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Mavi Deniz Beach Sealing Boom is a special purpose oil spill containment boom that makes it suitable for use in shallow water environments to shorelines, marshy coastal areas to beaches. Beach Sealing Boom is especially useful in areas subject to tidal fluctuations.

Beach Sealing Boom fits with a single air tube along the top of each section. The freeboard provides an inflatable or foam filled buoyancy chamber, which allows the Shore Boom to function like conventional curtain booms in deeper water. This chamber inflated, and the Shore Boom can tow to the deployment location. Once on site, the water tubes are filled.

Beach Barrier, Shore Boom is a special purpose containment boom that utilizes water ballast. The water pump into two tubes along the bottom of the boom. This water acts as ballast when the boom is floating; once the boom is stranded. These tubes sit on the ground and form a seal. The Shore Boom can make the transition between the water and land and prevents the spread of oil in these regions.