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pollution control boom / floating / sheltered waters / river
Trash Series



  • Type:

    pollution control

  • Technology:


  • Application zone:

    sheltered waters, river


Trash and Debris Boom
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Mavideniz’s Trash Boom and Debris Boom is a floating marine barrier.
Mavideniz’s Trash Boom and Debris Boom designed for marine environments including rivers harbors to Prevent water pollution by holding all floating trash and floating debris.


All pieces of Trash Boom and Debris Boom are in ASTM-Z ınternational Standards
Trash Barrier is highly durable to water and sunlight
Lead weights are under the Barrier
Trash Barrier can move Due to High – Tide, and Low-Tide of the water
Barrier Material constructed from rubber
The tensile strength of the barrier material is 400 kg/cm
Colors are Yellow and Black
For extreme debris situations, Special high-tensile steel wire