ship dynamic positioning system
K-POS DP-11/12 Kongsberg Maritime



  • Application domain:

    for ships


The K-Pos DP-11/12 dynamic positioning system consists of a DP controller unit and a dedicated operator station. Both systems satisfy IMO DP Class 1. The controller unit and the operator station communicate via a dual high-speed data network.
K-Pos DP-11 dynamic positioning system
The DP-11 provides a direct interface to the propellers, thrusters and rudders, and includes the necessary interfaces to power plants, position-reference systems and sensors.

K-Pos DP-12 dynamic positioning - DP system
The DP-12 is designed for integration with K-Chief (marine automation system) and K-Thrust (thruster control system) via a dual Ethernet LAN.

Integrating all the functions for monitoring and control of a vessel provides a real benefit both technically and economically. Functions are integrated to reduce the overall need for hardware and software functions and to reduce interfacing requirements. This leads to less demand for special software, cabling and testing. Furthermore, integrated systems offer a far greater degree of redundancy, and therefore increased system availability and operational performance.