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I2 Intellian Technologies


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    TV, satellite

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    for boats

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The Intellian i2 is the world’s first high-performance and compact satellite TV system with a breakthrough integrated HD and TriSat modules which offer the boaters to enjoy premium high-definition and standard programming broadcast from leading satellite TV service providers without any extra conversion tools, wirings and costs. With Intellian MIM, boaters can enjoy flipping channels through automatic satellite switching just like a home system. See the installation guide of DISH Network MIM for further details. DISH Network MIM will be additionally needed for automatic satellite switching. See the installation guide of DISH Network MIM for further details.
The i2 is an absolute choice for boats as small as 25 feet with its small, simple and powerful designs. With its patent-pending innovation in Wide Range Search (WRS) and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies, the i2 can always maintain the highest signal strength available and ensure the crystal-clear TV receptions along with Intellian’s super-efficient 13” diameter antenna while the vessels are motoring along the coast or cruising offshore. Furthermore, with a built-in GPS system, the i2 can accelerate the satellite signal acquisition time when other boats are left with the message “SEARCHING FOR SATELLITE” on their TV screen!”
Bundled with Intellian’s new intelligent Antenna Control Unit (ACU), the boaters get a complete turnkey solution designed for simplicity and ease. To enjoy as many as three different satellites, the ACU supports automatic satellite switching right from your remote control just like home.