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AUTOCHART N AM | AutoChartProducts | 600031-1

AutoChart: Map coverage where you make it.

Note: Opened packages will not be eligible for credit return.

New Humminbird® AutoChart™ for North America uses proprietary software that takes your Humminbird’s sonar recordings and GPS to build custom lake charts. Create your own contour map on any lake in 3 simple steps:

Record sonar data after inserting a blank SD card into your Humminbird Combo.
Import your recordings into the AutoChart PC program and convert your survey into a lake map.
Export your map onto the Zero Lines Map Card (included) to display on any compatible* Humminbird.

*AutoChart is optional for select ONIX, ION, 1100, 900, 800, and 600 Series models. Compatibility subject to change without notice.


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