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AutoChart PRO: Add another layer of detail to your cartography.

Note: Opened packages will not be eligible for credit return.

New Humminbird® AutoChart PRO™ for North America offers all the leading features of AutoChart—but with two key enhancements designed to give tournament anglers a competitive edge.

Bottom Hardness Indication delivers a crucial tip-off to where fish are hiding by identifying areas likely to hold fish based on the hardness of the bottom.

Side Imaging Mosaic allows you to overlay your Side Imaging returns onto your AutoChart map for a 3D visualization of fish-holding habitat. This feature gives anglers the ultimate understanding of the underwater world and what the structure looks like on their favorite fishing spots. With AutoChart PRO, you’ll have all the tools you need to bring your next trophy into sight. *Both Bottom Hardness Indication and Side Imaging Mosaic are exclusive to AutoChart PRO.