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GH series Garbarino



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    for ships

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Garbarino's multistage pumps family has been widely tested over the years in applications with pressures up to 40 bar. Now, with the newly developed GH pumps, we can achieve pressures to 85 bar and capacities to 500 m3/h.

These pumps are mainly suitable for power generation and seawater desalination plants, for boiler feed water and reverse osmosis systems. Their usage can be extended to other fields such as snowmaking equipment, shipbuilding and offshore applications, pumping stations, pipeline test work.

The GH design is our latest innovation in multistage technology on the market, both the hydraulics and the mechanics have been developed to meet the increase demand for high pressure pumps. The GH family consists of 4 sizes (50-65-100-150) and 8 different hydraulics to grant a solution tailored to customers specifications. The pumps are horizontal multistage, radially split, the impellers are arranged between external bearings.
The main features are:
- feet cast with suction and delivery casings to grant stiffness and sturdiness
- UNI-DIN-ANSI-JIS-ISO standard flanges
- the suction flange can be set in three positions
- high efficiency close type impellers, low NPSHr suction impeller
- only one wear ring for each impeller, of the replaceable type
- oil-sealed external bearings with constant level oiler
- drum-type device for axial thrust balancing
- oversized shaft to minimize deflections