woven sailcloth / regatta / spinnaker / polyester



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    regatta, spinnaker

  • Fiber:

    polyester, nylon


Silicone coated nylon: for the ambitious yachtman who demands best performanceDynakote 70 and 75 are high performance spinnaker fabrics with high stability, low weight, and zero porosity that have the same construction and polyurethane based coating as Superkote 70 and 75.The exclusive Dynakote finish adds a Nano surface coating to the fabric. The effect of the Nano finish is a very smooth slippery surface, which enables the fabric to slide effortless and without friction over itself and the rig. This allows for faster sets and gybes. Dynakote fabrics sheds water, so kites stay light and dry, maintaining their bias stability even in the toughest conditions.