outboard electric motor
A41e Aquamot

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outboard electric motor outboard electric motor - A41e


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Type: A43
Power consumption: 4300W
Voltage: 48VDC
Current: 102A
Efficiency: 92%
Weight: 31kg

* Quiet
* Powerful
* Economical
* Low vibration
* Self contained system
* No cyclic maintenance
* Variable speed control

The case of the drive consists of a seawater resistant aluminum alloy with six layers of protective coating. Inside there works a slip ring less electric drive, which has the highest power density. The powerful propulsion is the result of a high efficient bronze propeller. The case of the drive and the fin are usable as a rudder blade through the dimensioning.
The unit is equipped with an anti-cavitations plate that allows mounting the drive at a lower depth. The integrated
anode protects against corrosion.

The whole suspension is made from large dimensioned aluminum or stainless steel. All aluminum parts are coated.
The bearings are maintenance free and age resistant. The mounting on the stern of the boat happens with star knob screws or with spacer bolts. The suspension is adjustable inclination and it enables a height adjustment for a perfect incident flow of the drive. The steering happens with a steering tiller. The slots for mono rope steering system or hydraulics can be adjusted by the factory.

The step less one hand speed control consists of a central unit with fuses, custom made power cables with battery ports and a key switch. The controller is controlled by a microprocessor. It shows an efficient diagnosis, self proofing, safety and protection function. There’s no need for any safeguards or emergency stop switch.