military hovercraft / commercial / rescue
Kaiman AirLift Hovercraft



  • Type:

    military, commercial

  • Applications:


  • Length:

    7.1 m (23'02")


The Kaiman was designed to fulfil a role as a practical work style hovercraft, fully capable in SAR, Military or Industrial Roles. Good payload, easily transported, simple to operate, tough, reliable.

The Kaiman is transported on a road-legal 2.5m wide trailer and with a simple tilting deck arrangement the Kaiman can be quickly launched as the first responder in emergency situations. Thin or broken ice, mudflats, tidal estuaries, tropical swamps and other areas normally inaccessible to wheeled vehicles pose no problem for the Kaiman.

Moving your crew and equipment quickly and safely to the rescue scene can be crucial to saving lives.

The Caiman Crocodile is a tough, amphibious creature which is strongly territorial and can deliver a nasty bite. The Kaiman Hovercraft is an amphibious machine which can deliver troops and equipment over territories previously difficult to control or defend.

With the highest standard of design and construction the Kaiman may be classified by most classification societies.