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private hovercraft private hovercraft - Wildfire


  • Type:


  • Length:

    7.1 m (23'02")


The Wildfire is designed to meet the requirements of extremely diverse climates delivered in a compact amphibious hovercraft. Utilising leading edge technology the craft incorporates the latest commercially available materials enabling unsurpassed performance in the harshest conditions, while ensuring maintenance can be performed by the vehicles owner.

Large gull-wing doors provide full access for large and difficult loads whilst ensuring comfort and protection from the elements for passengers when closed. The WildFire can be adapted to operate with doors removed for extreme loads or doors closed for total comfort.

The WildFire is easily transported on a road-legal 2.5m wide flat-top trailer, a simple tilting deck arrangement makes launching and recovery manageable by 1 person. The Wildfire provides full comfort for its passengers in a wide variety of climatic conditions ranging from the hottest tropics to the extreme cold of the polar arctic regions.

Options such as the In-Flight-Adjustable (IFA) propeller provide increased performance, improved economy and reverse capability. Other options such as engine up-grades, custom seating, air-conditioning and heating are all possible with the versatile WildFire.