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new video Jeanneau - Sailboats SUN FAST 3600
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit, twin rudder) SUN FAST 3600 - 11,25m    36' 11" Jeanneau - Sailboats

Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3600 benefits from the latest advances in vacuum-bagged resin infusion to ensure exceptional strength and rigidity while drastically...

video Jeanneau - Sailboats SUN FAST 3200
cruiser-racer sailboat (2 cabins) SUN FAST 3200 - 10,10m    33' 2" Jeanneau - Sailboats

This Daniel Andrieu design provides effortless speed and is most definitely fun. Built using the latest technology to ensure the best strength-to-weight...

cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) CRUISER 41S - 12,35m    40' 6" BAVARIA Sailing

Length overall (approx.) 12,35 m Length hull (approx.) 11,99 m Length waterline (approx.) 10,75 m Beam overall (approx.) 3,96 m Draught standard (cast iron keel)...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 45
cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) FIRST 45 - 14,07m    46' 2" Bénéteau sailboats

She is as unashamedly beautiful and as daringly perfect as her elder sister the First 50. She...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 40 CR
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, steering wheel, 3 cabins) FIRST 40 CR - 12,58m    41' 3" Bénéteau sailboats

Winner in 2010 of the Rolex Sydney Hobart, Spi Ouest France, Cowes Week and Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the First 40 has a unique international record of achievements and, over 2 seasons, has...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 35
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom) FIRST 35 - 10,85m    35' 7" Bénéteau sailboats

Developed in collaboration with Farr Yacht Design, the First 35 has not abandoned any of the qualities...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 30
cruiser-racer sailboat (2 cabins) FIRST 30 - 9,81m    32' 2" Bénéteau sailboats

Designed by talented Juan Kouyoumdjian, well known from the America’s Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race and Michel...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 25 S
cruiser-racer sailboat (lifting keel) FIRST 25 S - 7,90m    25' 11" Bénéteau sailboats

If it has not yet had the honour of celebrating its twentieth anniversary, the First 25.7 still...

5 products Dehler
5 products J-boats
J-boats J/97
cruiser-racer sailboat (bow-sprit, 2 cabins) J/97 - 9,60m    31' 6" J-boats

Introduced in 2009, the J/97 has rapidly attained spectacular performances in major European regattas, winning class in Spi Ouest, Cowes Week, Hamble Winter Series, Sailing World NOOD Chicago and Warsash...

video J-boats J/109
cruiser-racer sailboat (one-design, bow-sprit, 2 cabins) J/109 - 10,74m    35' 3" J-boats

Find out why hundreds of J/109 sailors simply "love" their boats. Perhaps one of the best racer/cruisers J/Boats ever built? History and time will tell. The record so far speaks for itself. Well-sailed,...

video J-boats J/111
cruiser-racer sailboat (one-design) J/111 - 11,10m    36' 5" J-boats

Every now and then a new sailboat comes along that fulfills a real need in the market. Many of them have been J-Boats. Hot off the...

J-boats J/122
cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast, open transom) J/122 - 12,19m    40' 0" J-boats

J/122 is a versatile 40 foot performance sailboat with comfortable live-aboard accommodations, a refined deck layout, low VCG keel with a moderate 7.2’ draft. The hull & deck are built using superior...

J-boats J/133
cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast, bow-sprit) J/133 - 13,10m    43' 0" J-boats

The ideal mid-40s length racer/cruiser...and winner of The Sailing World Magazine Overall Boat of the Year, J/133 is a yacht with the stability for short-handed cruising, race winning speed under IRC...

5 products J-boats Europe
video J-boats Europe J 111
cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast, bow-sprit) J 111 - 11m    36' 1" J-boats Europe

That’s the new sailboat that everybody was expecting. Launched in 2011 in Europe, the J 111 became, within a few months, successful. With more than ten or so pre-orders registered before it has even...

J-boats Europe J 97
cruiser-racer sailboat (bow-sprit, 2 cabins) J 97 - 9,61m    31' 6" J-boats Europe

For months, Johnstone family and the brains from the Vendee area company "J Composites" have worked on the J 97 draws. The brand recurring theme is respected with, above all, an approach for the pleasure...

J-boats Europe J 109
cruiser-racer sailboat (bow-sprit, 2 cabins) J 109 - 10,75m    35' 3" J-boats Europe

The reference for a 35 foots racer/cruiser The J 109 is now a reference and is really famous in the 35 foots racer/cruiser category. Comfort, well-being, stability, performance...

video J-boats Europe J 122E
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom) J 122E - 12,19m    40' 0" J-boats Europe

The J122 E benefits from a new interior and exterior design that is both refined and modern. These changes have been made in collaboration with the Roséo Design studio. Didier Le Moal, CEO of ’J...

J-boats Europe J 133
cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast, bow-sprit) J 133 - 13,11m    43' 0" J-boats Europe

The flagship of J Composites range remains the most timeless. A design that will never be old-fashioned despite the news design accessories, a performance that make victories possible every...

3 products Dufour Yachts
video Dufour Yachts 36
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom) 36 - 10,99m    36' 1" Dufour Yachts

Sporty and fun, the 36 is a speed boat (quality of the hull, powerful sail plan) providing a lot of sensations on the sea. Very comfortable, the deck has...

Dufour Yachts 40E
cruiser-racer sailboat (2 or 3 cabins) 40E - 12,35m    40' 6" Dufour Yachts

Elegant, sensitive and good performer, the Dufour 40 E won everyone over right away. The target set for architect Umberto Felci and the Dufour Yachts Design Office was to come up with something...

Dufour Yachts 45E
cruiser-racer sailboat (3 or 4 cabins) 45E - 13,95m    45' 9" Dufour Yachts

The sleek Dufour 45 E Performance stretches out elegantly and powerfully, leaving its playmates far astern. The flowing lines of the coach-roof, the uncluttered...

6 products X-Yachts
X-Yachts XP 33
cruiser-racer sailboat (tiller steering) XP 33 - 9,99m    32' 9" X-Yachts

In designing the Xp 33 hull, our main focus was on creating a yacht with fantastic all-round performance, in contrast to many modern sportboats which rely heavily on downwind performance in a breeze....

X-Yachts XP 38
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) XP 38 - 11,58m    38' 0" X-Yachts

X-Yachts are designed by sailors, for sailors. Every Xperformance yacht is created to perform superbly in all conditions and in all sail configurations. However, many of the very same factors which make...

X-Yachts XP 44
cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) XP 44 - 13,29m    43' 7" X-Yachts

During the Xperformance design process, Velocity Prediction Programs were utilised to optimise each yacht’s hull shape. This confirmed to the design team that it was key to slightly reduce the overall...

X-Yachts XP 50
cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) XP 50 - 14,99m    49' 2" X-Yachts

Form meets function with the Xp 50 deck layout, which balances clean lines and minimalist style, with usability, safety and security. Attractive teak decking is fitted as standard, with the option...

X-Yachts X 35 ONE DESIGN
cruiser-racer sailboat (ISAF class) X 35 ONE DESIGN - 10,61m    34' 10" X-Yachts

The use of heat galvanised steel to create a support structure for the mast and keel was pioneered by X-Yachts...

X-Yachts X-41 ONE DESIGN
cruiser-racer sailboat (ISAF class) X-41 ONE DESIGN - 12,35m    40' 6" X-Yachts

The X-41 is not only a serious racing performer but also a comfortable cruiser. X-Yachts has concentrated hard, and without compromise, on details...

3 products Archambault
new Archambault A13
cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast, open transom) A13 - 13,10m    43' 0" Archambault

A13 has been designed with pure IRC racing in mind! This boat has been designed as a pure IRC 43’ inshore and offshore racer. However, having given the design some more thought the designers Joubert-...

video Archambault A31
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) A31 - 9,54m    31' 4" Archambault

The new A31 will let you choose, directly coming from the successful A35 and A40rc more and more victorious on all over...

Archambault A27
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) A27 - 8,35m    27' 5" Archambault

Easy, fast, open to all programmes and types of sailing, our A27 meets all your requirements and can be configured...

4 products JPK Composites
5 products Elan d.o.o.
new Elan d.o.o. 320
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) 320 - 9,55m    31' 4" Elan d.o.o.

Enjoy pure sailing more. Following the sexy lines of Elan 400, the new Elan 320 overwhelms with the same design and performance in the below 10 meter market segment. A clear brief to Humphreys Yacht...

video Elan d.o.o. 210
cruiser-racer sailboat (lifting keel) 210 - 6,60m    21' 8" Elan d.o.o.

Elan 210 is the ideal solution for aficionados with serious passion for sailing, but who do not want to sacrifice ail their spare time or budget on one sport, hobby or vacation type alone. Designed for...

video Elan d.o.o. 360
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) 360 - 10,60m    34' 9" Elan d.o.o.

More speed more fun The Elan 360 has once again consolidated Elan’s reputation as a builder of exciting performance cruising sailing yachts, where neither performance, nor the cruising capabilities...

video Elan d.o.o. 400
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom) 400 - 11,95m    39' 2" Elan d.o.o.

People who admire elegant yet dynamic lines, demanding owners who are seeking for perfect balance between comfort and performance, competitors looking for speed and safety, purists valuing attention to...

Elan d.o.o. 450
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) 450 - 13,60m    44' 7" Elan d.o.o.

The Elan 450 is developed for blue water sailing as well as family cruising. Bringing together the best of...

4 products Grand Soleil
new video Grand Soleil 47'
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) 47' - 14,08m    46' 2" Grand Soleil

For almost forty years Cantiere del Pardo has been creating yachts with a blend of high performance and unmistakable elegance. These distinguishing...

video Grand Soleil 39'
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) 39' - 12,20m    40' 0" Grand Soleil

For almost forty years Cantiere del Pardo has been creating yachts with a blend of high performance and unmistakable elegance....

Grand Soleil 43'
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) 43' - 13,25m    43' 6" Grand Soleil

For almost forty years Cantiere del Pardo has been creating yachts with a blend of high performance and unmistakable elegance....

Grand Soleil 50'
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) 50' - 14,90m    48' 11" Grand Soleil

For almost forty years, Grand Soleil yachts have been icons of Italian style. The brand...

1 products Alphena Yachts
2 products C&C
video C&C C&C 101
cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast) C&C 101 - 10,06m    33' 0" C&C

From the bottom of her lead keel bulb, to the tip of her carbon fiber mast, the new C&C 101 is designed and built to accommodate the discerning sailor. The C&C 101 offers a...

C&C C&C 115
cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast) C&C 115 - 11,50m    37' 9" C&C

Using the latest technology in boatbuilding allows the designer latitude to deliver raceboat performance while maintaining cruising comfort. The 115 is the latest embodiment of C&C’s dedication to...

1 products Contest
Contest 42 CS
cruiser-racer sailboat (3 cabins) 42 CS - 12,85m    42' 2" Contest

At last! After several years of careful consideration, it gives us great pleasure to inform you that we will be unveiling a very exciting new design.The Contest 42CS – a unique family performance...

video Cornish Crabbers LLP MYSTERE 35
cruiser-racer sailboat (tiller steering) MYSTERE 35 - 10,67m    35' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Mystery 35 is the flagship of the Mystery range. Her stunning classic lines and modern, high-stability design concept make her the ideal purchase for a couple or family looking for a safe, fast and...

1 products Hallberg-Rassy
video Hallberg-Rassy HR 412
cruiser-racer sailboat (2 or 3 cabins) HR 412 - 12,62m    41' 5" Hallberg-Rassy

The all-new Hallberg-Rassy 412 is the largest aft cockpit Hallberg-Rassy ever built. She offers the option of twin or single aft cabins, one or two heads and a large cockpit. There are also comfort options...

3 products Solaris
video Solaris 37
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) 37 - 11,40m    37' 5" Solaris

SOLARIS ONE 37. Challenging the 45 footers. This is the new project, the starting...

Solaris 42
cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) 42 - 12,36m    40' 7" Solaris

The new 42 ft is consistent with the philosophy that has always distinguished Solaris: building yachts for people who really go at...

video Solaris 44
cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) 44 - 13,60m    44' 7" Solaris

This is the first project in collaboration with Cantiere Se.R.Gi. and Soto...

16 products Vismara
Vismara V 47' RC
cruiser-racer sailboat V 47' RC - 14m    45' 11" Vismara

Vismara shipyard has started with the construction of the new racer cruiser the Vismara v47 RC. The v47 RC will be sponsored by Celadrin, an international named company in the pharmaceutical sector founded...

Vismara K8
cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) K8 - 14m    45' 11" Vismara

This project is based on the V.46 2005 design and it is an evolution of the Vismara 46 “Belladonna “ and “Dragon“ – the new IRC for racing/cruising use. In particular, Vismara has developed different...

Vismara V 46 BELLE DONNA
cruiser-racer sailboat (twin steering wheel) V 46 BELLE DONNA - 14m    45' 11" Vismara

This vessel is the result of Vismara working together with Bruce Farr Yacht Design – a new 46’ design project, optimised according to I.R.C. regulations, for racing/cruising use. 

cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) BELLE DONNA IMS - 14m    45' 11" Vismara

Developed with the Cossutti studio and the ICAD research consortium, “Belladonna“ is the sum of years of work and research in the top-level racer section, including Querida, Monami, and QQ7. It also brings...

cruiser-racer sailboat (semi-custom) V 45' GEMINI HITECH - 13,30m    43' 8" Vismara

The Vismara 45 Open is a semi-custom racer/cruiser. Vismara has designed the hull and the interior, but also the hydro and aerodynamics with the design project of the new carbon wing mast. Every process,...

Vismara ASELL
cruiser-racer sailboat (semi-custom) ASELL - 10m    32' 10" Vismara

The design philosophy behind “Asell” was that of transferring - to 10 metres of boat – the concepts of hydrodynamics, naval architecture, interior design and graphics that the studio had developed with...

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