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Stir-Ven 19 is the little brother of Stir-Ven 22. All the ingredients that made the success of Stir-Ven 22 have been preserved: outstanding performances for a traditions inspired sailing boat, generous sails set, beautiful clinker-built hull (plywood) and heavy profiled centre-board (125 kg of cast iron).

We added a 240-litre liquid ballast (that can...


The Saffier Sc 8 m Cabin offers a variety of opportunities. Unlimited sailing areas, from lake, river or sea, a large ergonomic cockpit and interior fit for 4 adults. Al this with the well-known sailing qualities of the Saffieryachts brand and build with the latest technologies.

One with the elements

The Sc...


Designed to complement the range whilst adding a few modern enhancements. We have optimised our design brief to achieve a well mannered family cruiser with shallow draft and full standing headroom throughout.

The ‘Gaff Cutter’ rig of the Cornish Crabber...

The Pilot Cutter 30 is a yacht to be proud of. The steadiest of cruising gaffers which just oozes character from the tip of her bowsprit to her quarter badges. The Pilot Cutter 30 has bespoke internal layouts offering 4,5 and...


‘Classic wooden’ Nordic Folkboat is the most beautiful and classic version of the Nordic Folkboat.
The clean wooden boat - built in larch, douglas or mahogany - all on oak - and plugs...


Our 32ft Morecambe Bay Prawner was designed for a client looking for an elegant day boat with working...


A problem many boaters have is the unequal interests of their spouses in their real or imagined cruising adventures and, most specifically in "sailing" cruising adventures. Along came an East Coast customer who wished to spend the second half of his life with his wife continuing as his partner. It's always a ticklish design issue, attempting...


The Spirit 46 is a masterpiece of contemporary wooden yacht construction. Her glamorous looks, so reminiscent of the meter yachts and 'sharp boats' of the 1930's, belie the extraordinary technical achievement of her construction. This exquisite yacht weighs a truly remarkable 4.5 tonnes - of which half is the weight of the keel!
Married to...


The Enavigo Cutter’s design is based on English work boats: it’s the logical conclusion of a number of well-known and seaworthy designs, and capable of weathering even the toughest of seas. Its heavy build, powerful engine and sail size endow it with an extra strength that make it a pleasure to sail, for the most...


The Marblehead 22 is a moderately built, high performance Daysailer that was designed and built utilizing 3-D...

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