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Cornish Crabbers LLP 26
Sailboat : classic cutter (gaffsail, wooden) 26 - 8m    26' 3" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The all new Cornish Crabber 26 has been designed to compliment the current boats in the range whilst adding a few modern enhancements. We have optimised our design brief to achieve a well mannered family...

Cornish Crabbers LLP PILOT CUTTER 30
Sailboat : classic cutter (gaffsail, wooden) PILOT CUTTER 30 - 11,89m    39' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Pilot Cutter 30 is a yacht to be proud of. The steadiest of cruising gaffers which just oozes character from the tip of her bowsprit to her quarter badges. The Pilot Cutter 30 has bespoke internal...

Cornish Crabbers LLP 22
Sailboat : classic sloop (lifting keel) 22 - 6,71m    22' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Crabber 22 is the next logical step up from the Cornish Shrimper. Staying with the shallow draft, lifting keel theme, the Cornish Crabber 22 is easily managed with a simple gaff cutter sail...

Cornish Crabbers LLP 24
Sailboat : classic sloop (gaffsail) 24 - 7,47m    24' 6" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Crabber 24 takes the Cornish Crabber range well into the offshore cruising market. Her fixed 3’6” draught makes her less of a creek crawler than her little sisters but makes her...

Cornish Crabbers LLP SHRIMPER 19
Sailboat : classic schooner (gaffsail) SHRIMPER 19 - 6,86m    22' 6" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Shrimper 19 is our most popular model. She has a classic styling that appeals to sailors from any generation and a build quality that will match her reputation as the best British production...

Cornish Crabbers LLP 17
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (trailerable) 17 - 5,18m    17' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Crabber 17 is an excellent entry level boat for sailing newcomers and a fantastic day boat for enthusiasts. With her easily handled high peaked gaff rig, she bears all the characteristics...

4 products Diva Royal
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (wooden) CLASSIC WOODEN - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

‘Classic wooden’ Nordic Folkboat is the most beautiful and classic version of the Nordic Folkboat. The clean wooden boat - built in larch, douglas or mahogany - all on oak - and...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) NEW FUNCTION - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

To celebrate the 60 years’ anniversary of the Nordic Folkboat in 2002, Brandt-Møller’s Boatyard developed a brand new deck layout for our version of the fibre glass Nordic Folkboat -...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) NEW CLASSIC - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

20 years ago Brandt-Møller’s Boatyard started to build the ’New Classic’ Nordic Folkboat - a Folkboat with the combination of a GRP hull and mahogany accommodation. The ‘New...

Diva Royal BM FAMILY
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) BM FAMILY - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

The BM Family is a tour version of the Nordic Folkboat - with more space inside, inboard diesel engine and mast and boom of aluminium - a classic and beautiful tour version of the Nordic Folkboat - with...

Samoset Boatworks, Inc. MARBLEHEAD 22
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (wooden) MARBLEHEAD 22 - 6,93m    22' 9" Samoset Boatworks, Inc.

The Marblehead 22 is a moderately built, high performance Daysailer that was designed and built utilizing...

12 products Spirit Yachts
Spirit Yachts SPIRIT 46
Sailboat : classic sloop (wooden) SPIRIT 46 - 14,15m    46' 5" Spirit Yachts

The Spirit 46 is a masterpiece of contemporary wooden yacht construction. Her glamorous looks, so reminiscent of the meter yachts and ’sharp boats’ of the 1930’s, belie the extraordinary technical achievement...

Spirit Yachts SPIRIT  37
Sailboat : classic sloop SPIRIT 37 - 11,30m    37' 1" Spirit Yachts

The first yacht built by Spirit Yachts in 1993 was a 37ft sloop ’SPIRIT’ which gave its name to the whole range of beautiful yachts that have been launched since. The original ’SPIRIT’ has made her home...

Spirit Yachts SPIRIT 52
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SPIRIT 52 - 15,85m    52' 0" Spirit Yachts

The Spirit 52 is the perfect bridge between the comfort and accommodation of the Spirit 56 and the exhilarating performance of the Spirit 46. The yacht offers the perfect combination of race-winning performance...

Spirit Yachts SPIRIT 54
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SPIRIT 54 - 16,70m    54' 9" Spirit Yachts

The Spirit 54 is ideal for the more performance orientated Owner who still wishes to be able to cruise in comfort as well. The design shares many of the characteristics of the Spirit 52 but benefits from...

Spirit Yachts SPIRIT 56
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SPIRIT 56 - 17,07m    56' 0" Spirit Yachts

The Spirit 56 represents the Spirit concept in one of its most refined and flexible incarnations. Whilst conceived primarily as a true ’blue water’ world girdler with the ability to carry all the stores...

Spirit Yachts SPIRIT 70
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SPIRIT 70 - 21,90m    71' 10" Spirit Yachts

The Spirit 70 is the perfect marriage of extraordinarily lightweight build technology with design and looks to die for. Over seventy feet of exquisite craftsmanship with a hull form capable of well in...

3 products Cockwells
Cockwells PRAWNER
Sailboat : classic cutter (wooden) PRAWNER - 9,75m    32' 0" Cockwells

Our 32ft Morecambe Bay Prawner was designed for a client looking for an elegant day boat with working...

Sailboat : classic cutter (gaffsail) POLLY AGATHA - 13,72m    45' 0" Cockwells

Polly Agatha was built by Cockwells as a faithful replica of a pilot cutter named Peggy. The scantlings are the same as the original boat and the method of construction is similar with two exceptions. Bronze...

video Cockwells MERLIN
Sailboat : classic cutter (gaffsail) MERLIN - 14,63m    48' 0" Cockwells

Merlin is based on the lines of an original pilot cutter Peggy but is three feet longer, giving a bigger saloon and space for a workshop. Merlin took almost two years to build. The construction of the...

6 products Devlin
Devlin OYSTA 42
Sailboat : cruising motorsailer (wooden) OYSTA 42 - 12,85m    42' 2" Devlin

A problem many boaters have is the unequal interests of their spouses in their real or imagined cruising adventures and, most specifically in "sailing" cruising adventures. Along came an East Coast customer...

Classic sailboat MEANS OF GRACE - 10,36m    34' 0" Devlin

Means of Grace was designed for a friend that has owned one of our Surf Scoters for the last 5 years. He has found himself at a career crossroad that allows him to contemplate extensive cruising. Originally...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) NANCY'S CHINA - 4,65m    15' 3" Devlin

Back in 1980, we decided to design a small trailerable boat sailboat with a large cockpit for day sailing and a cozy cabin for two, complete with sails and trailer...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (cutter) NANCY'S CHINA DC - 4,62m    15' 2" Devlin

In this new version of our old favorite, Nancy’s China goes topless, and if you take a closer look at the rudder you will see her auxiliary power plant. We have added an electric motor. The motor is...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (gaffsail cat boat) WOMPUS - 5,74m    18' 10" Devlin

Wompus Cat is a very tidy and cruisable conventional "Cape Cod type" catboat, with single large mast forward and a single mainsail. She only needs the tiller put down and maybe a hand for adjusting the...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) WINTER WREN II - 5,69m    18' 8" Devlin

This boat is designed to be the ultimate in a pocket yacht with a tidy 176 sq. ft. sail plan. The Bermuda rigs mast steps on the cabin top and is easy to raise and lower. Winter Wren II has been designed...

12 products Icarai
Icarai MORBIC 12
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (gaffsail cat boat, wooden construction kit) MORBIC 12 Icarai

Morbic 12 recalls the small sisters Morbic 8 and 10 with a nice clinkered hull and flat...

Icarai PEN-HIR
Sailboat : classic sloop (gaffsail) PEN-HIR - 7,50m    24' 7" Icarai

Designed by the architect François Vivier for himself, this boat is the result of a long refletion and a great knowledge about traditional boats. The first Pen-Hir was...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (sliding gunter) BEG-MEIL - 4,46m    14' 8" Icarai

The "Beg-Meil" 14’8" (4m46) is an elegant small half-decked pleasure sloop. She is plywood clinker...

Icarai EBIHEN 15
Sailboat : classic open boat EBIHEN 15 - 4,50m    14' 9" Icarai

When the well known Ebihen 15 gets 3 feets longer, she becomes Ebihen 18... A...

Icarai LILOU
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (sliding gunter) LILOU - 5,20m    17' 1" Icarai

Lilou has the pretention to be the ideal boat for fishing and strolling; at the same time modern and full of a traditional heritage, she is a plain,...

4 products Latitude 46
Latitude 46 TOFINOU 7
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (trailerable) TOFINOU 7 - 7m    23' 0" Latitude 46

A 1930s replica, the Tofinou 7 is a 7-meter ballasted...

video Latitude 46 TOFINOU 8
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (lifting keel, saildrive) TOFINOU 8 - 8m    26' 3" Latitude 46

Designed by naval architects Joubert and Nivelt, and produced in accordance with the shipyards...

Latitude 46 TADORNE
Sailboat : classic sloop TADORNE - 8m    26' 3" Latitude 46

Launched in 1991 like a big brother to the Tofinou, the...

5 products Morris Yachts
new video Morris Yachts M46
Sailboat : classic sloop M46 - 14,02m    46' 0" Morris Yachts

Nothing stimulates the senses and stirs the soul quite like the new M-Series M46 from Morris Yachts. Whether you are charging to windward like a thoroughbred, or stargazing from the large cockpit in a...

video Morris Yachts M29
Classic sailboat M29 - 8,89m    29' 2" Morris Yachts

Nothing says a passion for sailing like our M29. Designed with Sparkman & Stephens to be easy to rig, sail and maintain, the M29 is a perfect...

video Morris Yachts M36
Classic sailboat M36 - 11m    36' 1" Morris Yachts

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. When the M36 Modern Classic was first introduced in...

video Morris Yachts M42
Classic sailboat M42 - 12,88m    42' 3" Morris Yachts

The Morris Yachts M42 takes all of the excitement of our M36 and applies it to a real weekend cruiser. Designed in partnership with Sparkman & Stephens,...

video Morris Yachts M52
Classic sailboat M52 - 15m    49' 3" Morris Yachts

The M52 is newly born from the incredible success of our other M-Series models. With input from our owners, we worked with Sparkman & Stephens to design a classically...

1 products Rivolta
new Rivolta 43 VINTAGE
Sailboat : classic sloop 43 VINTAGE - 13,39m    43' 11" Rivolta

One day I said to my doctor I think I have to give up sailingtoo many problems and a waste of time and money!  His answer was If you do this you will waste more money and time visiting doctors, clinics...

1 products Baltic Yachts
Baltic Yachts BALTIC 47 ELSA
Classic sailboat BALTIC 47 ELSA - 14,55m    47' 9" Baltic Yachts

Our first ever project with famous Dutch designer Andre Hoek, the Baltic 47 will look very different from any other yacht...

6 products Hinckley
Hinckley SW 42
Sailboat : classic sloop SW 42 - 13,03m    42' 9" Hinckley

Whether your desire is to actively compete in weekend races, or simply to enjoy extended pleasure cruises with family...

Hinckley DS42
Sailboat : classic sloop (lifting keel) DS42 - 13,03m    42' 9" Hinckley

The Old World elegance of the Hinckley DS42 is immediately apparent in her 13...

Hinckley SW 51
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SW 51 - 15,62m    51' 3" Hinckley

A Hinckley is a yachtsman’s yacht: no more irrefutable proof of this fact exists than...

Hinckley SW 52
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SW 52 - 15,67m    51' 5" Hinckley

Sailing an SW52, it’s easy to put life into perspective. With her sails holding a steady wind, a gentle pressure...

Hinckley SW 59
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SW 59 - 18,06m    59' 3" Hinckley

Designed by esteemed naval architects McCurdy and Rhodes, the SW59 uses a center console arrangement that affords...

Hinckley SW 70
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht SW 70 - 21,41m    70' 3" Hinckley

It is a breathtaking sight, a SW70 under full sail. As she carves forcefully through the water, the carving lines...

Legendary Yachts S/V RADIANCE
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht (ketch) S/V RADIANCE - 21,94m    72' 0" Legendary Yachts

Building and sailing Radiance was the culmination of a 30+ year dream. Following the launch of the family boat Corahleen...

8 products Plasmor
1 products Cabo Rico
Cabo Rico CABO RICO 38
Sailboat : classic sloop (custom-made) CABO RICO 38 - 12,50m    41' 0" Cabo Rico

What is the true test of a classic? Time. The Cabo Rico 38, designed by W.I.B. Crealock more than 27 years ago, has proven herself again and again on the oceans and seas of the world to be a classic in...

Egeyat Tourism Ltd. Co.
Sailboat : classic sloop (custom-made) - 6,50m    21' 4" Egeyat Tourism Ltd. Co.

LOA ..........................6.50 m. LWL ..........................m. BEAM ........................2.40...

10 products CN Franck Roy
Friendship Yacht Company FRIENDSHIP 40
Sailboat : classic sloop FRIENDSHIP 40 - 12,42m    40' 9" Friendship Yacht Company

The 112% genoa furling line stays out of view by running under the deck, exiting...

Friendship Yacht Company FRIENDSHIP 48
Sailboat : classic sloop (custom-made) FRIENDSHIP 48 - 14,46m    47' 5" Friendship Yacht Company

Composite construction using Airex foam in the topsides with solid laminate hull bottom using vinylester resin to minimize...

Friendship Yacht Company FRIENDSHIP 53
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht FRIENDSHIP 53 - 16,10m    52' 10" Friendship Yacht Company

Based on the successful design of her little sister, the Friendship 53 continues the unmistakable luxury, craftsmanship, and ease of handling that have become synonymous with the Friendship Yacht Company....

Friendship Yacht Company FRIENDSHIP 75
Sailboat : classic sailing-yacht FRIENDSHIP 75 - 23,15m    75' 11" Friendship Yacht Company

The Friendship 75 is the largest of the Friendship fleet, yet she continues the simplicity in handling that is indicative of the Friendship designs. She is the largest size boat confidently handled by...

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