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wakeboard - BRUCE | 132 / 137 / 142

Coming into its second season, The Bruce has exceeded all of our expectations. We knew we had something big when Jeff Langley took this board worldwide, stomping out a name for The Bruce as his weapon of choice. The...

advanced level wakeboard - BREDDAS | 136 / 140 / 144

The Hoppe brothers of Uddevalla, Sweden share more than a surname. Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremia share athletic abilities as if handed down from Odin himself. The also share an unselfish sibling rivalry to better each other, giving a new definition to family support.

On a winter...

advanced level wakeboard - BAKER | 128 / 136 / 140 / 144

Last season, O’Brien & Nick Ennen tweaked some of the features on the Baker. Whether winching or free riding, Nick is always pushing the envelope of what is...

wakeboard - PARADIGM | 129 / 134 / 139 / 144

When we started development on the Paradigm with Sean, the challenge was could anyone make a board that performed to our standards on boat, cable, and obstacles? A board too flexible won’t work...

advanced level wakeboard - FREMONT | 120 / 128 / 133 / 138 / 143

For those looking for a more wallet friendly, do-it-all boat, and cable board, the Fremont is for you. Inspired by Sean...

wakeboard - CBL


Wakestyle / Cable crossover
Smooth and durable P-Tex base
Smooth ride
Obstacle friendly
Excellent grip
Slider compatible...

wakeboard - LIBERTY FLEX

Product ID: 271314005
Size: 135 - 140

The 2014 Jobe Liberty is arguably the best all-around board in the...

ladies wakeboard - HERA FLEX

Product ID: 271314011
Size: 135

Make your ride explosive, and more fun. As the future of wakeboarding comes to life, the 2014 Jobe Hera...

kid wakeboard - Jr. Impact

The Jr. Impact Wakeboard is ideal for teaching beginner wakeboarders. The oval...

intermediate level wakeboard - FreeStyle

The Freestyle wakeboard features a continuous rocker for soft landings...

advanced level wakeboard - Lyric

The Lyric wakeboard features a 3 stage rocker with a progressive edge that is rounded in the center and sharp...

wakeboard - RAPH HYBRID 135 - 139 - 143

The most progressive rider in the world designed a board that dominates the park! Raph Derome has solidified himself as a premier rider and his first pro model board was built to take him to new levels......

wakeboard - SHANE HYBRID 134 - 138 - 142

Shane has been around the world a time or two... he’s been there and done that... He knows what he likes and what he wants, that’s why he’s so proud of his pro-model, the SHANE HYBRID. Shane’s...

wakeboard - WATSON HYBRID 135 - 139 - 143

Shawn Watson is one of the true icons of our sport... he’s been in the game for years and has had some of the most successful pro- model boards in wakeboarding history. His current...

wakeboard - PEAK HYBRID 132 - 136 - 140

Show your unique style in the park on this all-around whip!” Nico’s all-around whip continues to allow him to showcase his unique riding style in the park. The Peak...

wakeboard - DELUXE HYBRID 132 - 136 - 140 - 144

One of the hardest working riders in the sport, Kevin Henshaw has an unparalleled vision for building and creating. When it was time to...

wakeboard - 2013 WHIP

Sizes: 135cm, 139cm, 143cm

Featuring channels, rails and fins influenced by Aerospace technology, the Whip rides fast, efficient...

wakeboard - 2013 SHREDTOWN

Sizes: 135, 139cm, 143cm

Designed and tested by the notorious Shredtown crew, this shred stick is built...

wakeboard - 2013 LYMAN

Sizes: 136cm, 140cm, 144cm

With a completely redesigned base featuring Aerospace influenced channels and core fins, the 2013 Lyman is the latest in flex technology. Engineered to ride with or without...

wakeboard - 2013 NEWTON

Sizes: 137cm, 142cm

Fast and predictable, the Newton boosts big and lands smoother than all our other boards....

wakeboard - 2013 KINE

Sizes: 137cm,141cm

With the same outline and rocker as our “Magic Stick” (the Reflex), this Ballistic Series board bumps high-end design up a league. Mike Ennen’s...

wakeboard - MAREK NOVA | 135 - 140 - 145

The Marek Nova features one of the most advanced constructions on the market. Its fully machined Nova Core is lighter and snappier than any other option in the Hyperlite line. The overall volume...

wakeboard - MAREK BIO | 135 - 140 - 145

Rusty’s ride is also available in a more traditional Bio version. This core option is built using the Bio 3 formula that has become a standard in our line. Because of the reduced volume in...

wakeboard - WEBB | 136 - 140 - 144

JD and Scott Bouchard have gotten together yet again to create the third installment in a very successful series. This all-new design has given JD the ability to ride at the cable or behind the boat...

wakeboard - UNION | 134 - 138 - 142

The Union series is the culmination of years of development and the combination of our most advanced materials and construction methods. Inspired by our team, the Union series blends the functionality of a traditional wakeboard with the...

wakeboard - FRANCHISE | 134 - 138 - 142

Jimmy LaRiche has developed his first Pro Model for Hyperlite, the Franchise! The goal was to create a long lasting, innovative shape that everyone can hop on and feel at home on....

wakeboard - JUICE

The missing serious wake style board. One size only to meet the average needs of wakeboarders...

wakeboard - JUICE

Solid, stable, full of POP. This simple description perfectly captures this board's features. Designed to be used in cable parks...

wakeboard - RISE

The ultimate flex machine which also preforms airtricks like a dream. You want a board with a durable base and a good flex to ride the obstacles,...

wakeboard - PROPULSION

The ultimate airtrick machine which also rides obstacles like a dream. You want a board with channels to give you that extra control and pop when preforming...

wakeboard - 180 JR WAKEBOARD W/GRABBER

180 WB-611 This Hydroslide Jr. Wakeboard is the perfect solution for getting anyone under 125...

beginner's wakeboard - EDGE JR.

Included lace up Jr. Chaser bindings will help take anyone under 125lbs from...


Backbeat WB-812 With is hip graphics, and sharp design, the Backbeat really makes a statement, even...

beginner's wakeboard - BLACK WIDOW W/ CHASER

Black Widow WB-714 The Black Widow from Hydroslide includes Chaser bindings to make this...

advanced level wakeboard - MATRIX W/ CAMO

Matrix WB-1012 You cannot possibly know how fun the Matrix is to...

wakeboard - ANTIX

PU Core with resin Infused fiberglass wrap
3 stage...

ladies wakeboard - BAD BETTY

Body Glove - Bad Betty
The oval design with rounded tips and tails gives extra lift off the wake while wide, stable design gives perfect...

advanced level wakeboard - MISSION

This amazing board is the epitome of perfoRMance PLUS !

If you’re a top wake board competitor you already know the outstanding perfoRMance features built into every ‘RM’ Mission Board.

ladies wakeboard - ROXY

It’s Slick and Saucy…with plenty of Spice.

A purpose built board for chicks who really want to get it on !
This is a dedicated...

wakeboard - CACTUS JUICE

Stoke up the boat; pump out the music; Cactus Juice will really blow your mind !

If you want a board that knows no limits; lives within no boundaries; heeds no challenge; then...

advanced level wakeboard - BUMBLE BEE

This Pro design board is an
absolute ‘buzz’ to ride.

The complex bottom shape gives positive edge...

wakeboard - INVERT

Built to enjoy the wake from a
stunt pilot’s perspective…upside down !

But whether it’s...

wakeboard - NUKE 2013

As the name suggests, the Nuke is all about explosive wakestyle riding in parks. It is 100% focusing on powered sliding, hitting kickers and aggressive riding and the Nuke’s construction is reinforced with Kevlar to ensure that it is well equipped to take the beating that come with riding in bindings.

The rocker...

advanced level wakeboard - MERICA 139 / 145


New AGS (Advanced Grid System) core technology
1 lb lighter...

wakeboard - DOWDY 136 / 142


Designed, shaped and ridden by Mike Dowdy
Stepped molded fins w/ removable .6”...

wakeboard - TRANSCEND 138 / 142


Designed, shaped and ridden by Andrew Adkison
Proven design used when winning U.S. Masters and...

wakeboard - MARIUS 136 / 141


Designed, shaped and ridden by Trevor Hansen
V-Tech at tip and tail allows for...

wakeboard - FACTION 138 / 144


Variable edge rail with bevel
Smooth flat...


How to choose this product


Wakeboards are towed behind powerboats. The rider performs tricks using natural waves and the craft's wake.


NauticExpo features models for men, women and children, including beginner, experienced and expert riders.


The board is generally made of a foam core covered by fiberglass/epoxy. Length and width vary. The board's longitudinal curve is called the rocker. It can be continuous from nose to tail or in three segments, the central part being flat. The rocker determines many of the board's characteristics including edge stability and takeoff.

The underside can be coated with PBT, P-Tex, or urethane, each conferring specific speed, grip and maneuverability characteristics. Some boards have groves for improved hydrodynamics. Fin shape and size also influence performance in the water and in the air.

How to choose

The large number of models and parameters influencing board characteristics makes choosing difficult. The rider's age, sex, height, weight, level of experience and style must be taken into account. Choice of board length, rocker, fins and underside shape and surfacing will depend on the height and length of the waves typically encountered.

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