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1 products EMA d.o.o.
video EMA d.o.o. BLUETRAKER® VMS
Surveillance and Tracking system for fishing-boats (Iridium) BLUETRAKER® VMS EMA d.o.o.

The basic function of the VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) is to provide regular reports of the fishing vessel’s location, speed and report on catches to the fisheries management authority. That way the...

1 products Besenzoni
Recaro Maritime
Mount rail for boat helm seat Recaro Maritime

The Multi-Rail system was designed to secure the helmsman’s seat to the floor and at the same time allowing the helmsman (with his seat) to move. The...

3 products Pörtner
Pörtner 64210
Mount rail for boat helm seat 64210 Pörtner

There are 2 types of seat sliding systems: Item no. 64210 is meant...

Pörtner 64220
Mount rail for boat helm seat 64220 Pörtner

Item no. 64220 is very flat, locks securely at two sides with...

Mount rail for boat helm seat DECKSLIDE Pörtner

Deck tracks were designed to secure a helm seat on the floor and allow a movement to different positions at the same time. The self-lubricating guide-system remains invisible beneath the sprocket belt....

Shanghai Eastsun Marine Co., Ltd.  383100
Mount rail for boat helm seat 383100 Shanghai Eastsun Marine Co., Ltd.

Description 383100 Heavy duty seat slide; Features: 1. Heavy duty aluminum Anodized mounting...

Shine Micro, Inc. SA161-MH
Surveillance and Tracking system for merchant ships (AIS) SA161-MH Shine Micro, Inc.

INTRODUCING THE RADARPLUS® SA161-MH: a dual AIS receiver for avionics....

1 products C-Tech
Sailboat sail track PLASTIC SAIL TRACK C-Tech

Plastic sail-track purpose-built for sails and awnings is available from C-Tech Ltd. White plastic sail-track suitable for small yachts (up to 16ft) and for use with awnings can be...

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