Ship propeller shafts

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Propeller shafts
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The VULKAN Composite Shafting (CS-System) consist of the composite shafting, combined certain steel adapters, intermediate-shaftings, bearings, bulkhead seals and as...

n addition to the cardan shaft series coupling program VULKAN has developed a bellhousing...


BT Marine manufacture and supply sterngear for fully integrated propulsion systems. Propeller shafts are built to ISO standards on CNC machinery in Metric and Imperial options for both the recreational...


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A ships propeller shaft transmits mechanical energy from the main engine to the propeller. When there is more than one transmission element, the propeller shaft is a kind of shafting line.


The main function of the propeller shaft is to turn the propeller. It can also be used to drive an alternator to produce electricity.


One end of the propeller shaft is connected to the vessel's main engine, the other to the propeller. As it rotates, it turns the propeller, moving the boat forward.

How to choose

The distance between the engine and the stern tube will determine the length of the propeller shaft.


- Some energy lost in transmission

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