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sailboat mast / aluminum - C-SECTIONS, F-SECTIONS

Loads generated by the crew (mainsheet, vang, outhaul, Cunningham etc.) are transferred to the mainsail and on to the mast. As the mainsail is designed...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - CC SERIES

For everyone who cannot resist speed Carbon composite combines stiffness and strength with low weight. Seldén...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - CC SERIES

You hoist the sail just once a season, so a small crew can manage a much larger boat. Easy A Seldén furling mast makes it easy...

hydraulic furling mast / sailboat - CRUISE CONTROL

Seldén offers a complete hydraulic cruise control programme based on three major components: Furlex Hydraulic...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - GRAND PRIX

With more than 600 custom-built rigs worldwide and as the official supplier to more than 25 one design classes, the results with a Southern Spars rig speak for themselves.

Southern Spars-rigged yachts have won the toughest, most prestigious races in the world, such as the mighty Open 60 Virbac-Paprec 3 taking victory in...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - ONE DESIGN

Southern Spars is the official supplier or a nominated supplier for numerous exciting one design race classes around the world, including the Farr 40s, Mumm 30s and Melges 24s.

Our expertise with performance-oriented carbon fibre mast and rig packages and our attention to detail and precision workmanship means competitors and organisers of the highly...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - ONE DESIGN


sailboat mast / carbon / racing - HALL SEAMLESS

Hall Spars continually achieves success in the racing arena with highly optimized, race-tested designs that combine the highest performance with maximum reliability.

The Hall Seamless tube is recognized universally as the cleanest, most aerodynamic available. Our focus on delivering more stiffness with less windage and...

sailboat mast / carbon / cruising - HALL SEAMLESS

A Hall Seamless carbon spar is uniquely suited to the challenges of offshore cruising. We engineer and build your cruising...

roller mast / sailboat / carbon - OST

AXXON Composites is launching the OST Carbon Furling Mast : the first furling mast manufactured in a single Autoclave curing (One Shot)

The separating partition which will receive the sail is laminated...

roller mast / sailboat / carbon - OST

Carbon mast : why ?

i.  Weight
First thing coming through your mind when you are talking about a carbon mast is obviously the weight saving, but besides that, the center of gravity is very critical. A lighter...

roller mast / sailboat / carbon - OST

Manufacturing of carbon masts is very labor intensive.  AXXON doesn’t make any compromise and most of the components are built in carbon : mast head, sheave boxes, head stay and stay sail attachments with the exception of pins,...

roller mast / sailboat / carbon - OST

For over 30 years Nemo has been producing masts for sailing boats up to 30 metres long; this long experience in the sector has enabled us to optimise quality and, at the same time, the aesthetic element which characterises the product. Type 6061 Nedal alloy is used, the accessories are welded with a Tig controlled camber system,...

roller mast / sailboat / carbon - OST

For over 30 years Nemo has been producing masts for sailing boats up to 30 meters long; this long experience in the sector has enabled us to optimize quality and, at the same time,...

sailboat mast / aluminum - Z190

Lorima uses a unique "one shot" construction technology for large wing masts.
This requires that wing mast tubes of composition ranging from monolithic...

sailboat mast / aluminum - PERFORMANCE

The S range is designed to meet the needs of rigs used on cruisers as well as in racers. This range is the result of...

sailboat mast / one design / racing - ONE DESIGN

One design range is the category for the large one-design boats series. Widespread in the USA, with boats such as the Etchells 22 or J24, which have also been growing over...

sailboat mast / aluminum / custom - GRAND PRIX

Mast fitting on maxi yachts (Business Project Management) requires a specific care. Our Custom Team...

sailboat mast / aluminum / custom - GRAND PRIX

As a real complement to its aluminium masts, Sparcraft now offers the new carbon...

roller mast / sailboat - STOWAY

Sparcraft offers a complete range of furling masts, manual version or motor assisted electrical and hydraulic systems. The Sparcraft manual furling masts exclusively use wormdrive systems. This system is the only way to guarantee a perfect furling operation without jamming, and can be handle by one person (two-hand...

roller mast / sailboat - STOWAY

Rondal built its first carbon mast in 1996 – a 60-metre one-piece construction that defied industry conventions, not only because a one-piece mast of that size had never before been attempted but because Rondal also chose to invent its own design and construction process.

roller mast / sailboat - STOWAY

Almost four decades of experience underpin the unsurpassable quality and reliability of Rondal designed-and-built aluminium masts. The Rondal team understands the importance of style as well as of structural integrity; and the value of minute attention to detail in engineering winch bases, mast/spreader connections, spreader lights and other...

roller mast / sailboat - STOWAY

When one considers an off shore passage or a major coastal cruise, there are usually some matters of uncertainty. The function and integrity of the rig and its long term reliability should not be among those concerns, yet the rig is one of the the most overlooked pieces of gear on the boat.


sailboat mast / carbon / racing - LUTHI F10

Pauger is proud to be appointed as carbon mast supplier of the new and innovative carbon racer Luthi

The first Luthi 10 was launched in 2012 July and manufactured by René Luthi in Crans-près-Céligny.

The 10 meters long and 3 meters wide carbon boat powered by Pauger spars...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - 50

The revolutionary high performance 50 feet long twin masted catamaran called Fifty-Fifty won the Blue Ribbon 2012...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - FOILER 28

The innovative flying trimaran "π28" Foiler built by Pauger Carbon opens a new area in sailing.

Pauger Carbon is proud to take a main part in the innovative...

sailboat mast / carbon - CODE 8

The Carbon One DEsign 8m long full carbon day-sailer/racer boat was designed by Andrej Justin (designer of RC44) and was built in Pauger...

sailboat mast / carbon - SOLARIS 36 OD

Pauger Carbon has produced 21 sets of rigs for Solaris 36 OD between December 2002 and May 2003.

The Solaris 36 One design is a brand new class in Italy. The yachts of the new...

sailboat mast / cruising - XR

The light and streamlined conventional XR Fullbatten masts permit optimal sail trim and have been designed particularly with performance-orientated sailors in mind. In addition to our uncompromising commitment to a 100% secure rig we consistently take all...

roller mast / sailboat - RMR

RMR reef masts are constantly updated and with their proven drive technology are particularly designed for sailors who need to reef the mainsail simply...

roller mast / sailboat - XR

For experienced sailors who wish to use the proven in-boom reefing system in order to achieve lower mast weight and a greater mainsail area we offer the proven Leisurefurl furl boom, either for retrofitting or in combination with our XR mast.


roller mast / sailboat - XR

CST Composites manufacture a range of mast sections, available in standard modulus (SM), intermediate modulus (IM) and high modulus carbon fibre (HM)....

sailboat mast / carbon - CARBOMAX

We have installed a new system for the construction of carbon masts. With the installation of a autoclave with an internal diameter of ø1300/2000 mm and a length of 48 metres with a maximum working pressure of 8 bar at a temperature of 150°C.

In 2008 we lengthened the autoclave to 65 metres for the construction of 2...

sailboat mast / carbon - CARBOMAX

Our workshops in Via Molo Giano manufacture aluminium masts. From small 7.5m sloops(min. section available 1.6/kg/mt) to large sailing yachts of over 40 metres (we have already supplied for 3 yachts of this size).

We can...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - ARCHAMBAULT A35

Tchin Tchin, an archAmbault A35 is equipped with a high performance Formula Carbon spar package. This is one of the most successful production race boats...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - ARCHAMBAULT A35

A clean room lamination area is used for the lay up of the carbon using our Formula female mould technique which provides an exceptionally...

sailboat mast / carbon / racing - ARCHAMBAULT A35

Wooden Spars - O T H E R Y A C H T S


sailboat mast / classic - ONE DESIGN

12 voets jol
• 16 m2
• 22 m2
• 30 m2
• DN

sailboat mast / classic - ONE DESIGN

GMT Composites has been building carbon fiber masts for sailboats longer than anyone else in the world. Our masts have sailed in every ocean, including many successful passages around the world, and have competently handled the most demanding wind and weather conditions under sail.

GMT masts are light (approximately half the weight of aluminum), safe, dependable, and will...

sailboat mast / carbon - WING 150

Thanks to its patented technology, HEOL COMPOSITES will bring you one of...

sailboat mast / carbon - R 122

Thanks to its patented technology, HEOL COMPOSITES will bring...

sailboat mast / aluminum / custom - ELLIPSE PROFILES

Offshore Spars builds carbon fiber mast systems for boats 34' and larger. Offshore utilizes a seamless, male moulded, autoclave cured process that yields a strong...

sailboat mast / racing - MAGNITUDE 80

From club racing to the grand prix competition the mast require special attention. As a part of a racing team Offshore Spars understands that weight and windage must be accounted for in the design and engineering stages. Internal...

sailboat mast / cruising - HOEK 125 - SKYLGE

Cruising Masts

Whether your yacht is built for long passages or day sailing, the mast must be safe and reliable. At Offshore Spars, years of experience have proven that a conservative approach in planning, in addition to highly durable...


How to choose this product


A sailboat mast is a roughly cylindrical, vertical spar which supports the vessel's sails.


Most of these masts are made of aluminum, with standard sections. Most racing sailboats use fractional rigs, in which the headsail reaches 7/8ths or 9/10ths of the way up the mast, which is thinner at the top. Carbon masts reduce weight aloft, increasing vessel stability and stiffening the sails under load. Some masts are equipped with spreaders to tension the shrouds and absorb some of the mast flex.

How to choose

In the case of a production boat, choice will depend on make and model. For a one-off without a designer's sail plan, the characteristics of the mast step, the vessel's length and displacement, the presence or absence of backstays and/or running backstays and the number and location of chainplates will be determinant.

If the mast is stepped on deck instead of on the keel, a photo of the step should prove useful to the mast manufacturer. Those who race often should consider a carbon mast for improved performance.

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