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Sail bags are made of fabric and intended for the storage and transport of sailboat and windsurfer sails, and sometimes windsurfer masts.


Such gear is very practical for transporting several windsurfer sails when traveling on vacation or to competition sites. Some manufacturers offer bags designed to protect a staysail or other sail left hanked in place, or to facilitate the rapid deployment of a spinnaker.


These bags are made of sturdy fabric with reinforced zippers and handles. They can be paired with an additional bag to carry windsurfer mast segments, for example.

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Some manufacturers offer custom-designed versions, though most board sail bags have standardized dimensions.

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Sail quiver bag STREAMLINER FREERIDE NeilPryde Windsurfing

Features Two separate zippered compartments Sail compartment (255 x 40 x 35cm) to hold 4-6 sails with a maximum...

NeilPryde Windsurfing ALL IN ONE
Sail quiver bag ALL IN ONE NeilPryde Windsurfing

Features Three separate zippered compartments to fit: - 4-5 sails with a maximum mast length of 460cm...

Gaastra Windsurfing
Sail quiver bag Gaastra Windsurfing

Quiver Bag (with wheels) Wave:...

Starboard - Windsurf 2013
Sail and mast quiver bag 2013 Starboard - Windsurf

The simple, lightwind windsurfing rig. It is light, powerful and easy to assemble. The concept behind the package is to make...

RRD Roberto Ricci Designs
Sail quiver bag RRD Roberto Ricci Designs

A specifically designed and tough built...

RRD Roberto Ricci Designs
Sail and mast quiver bag RRD Roberto Ricci Designs

A great bag with fully equipped with special compartments...

1 products Simmer
Sail quiver bag Simmer

Keep all your rig components in one place with...

1 products DAKINE
Sail quiver bag DAKINE

Features Expandable end compartments...

2 products Gun Sails
Sail and mast quiver bag COMBIBAG Gun Sails

Sailbag + Mastbag = Combibag The Combibag provides a safe transit for sails and masts as a single unit. The mastbag can be securely fixed to the bottom of the sailbag with heavy duty clip...

Gun Sails
Sail quiver bag Gun Sails

Holds 5 - 6 sails with masts and accessories Heavy duty and aerodynamic construction Compression belt...

1 products Mystic
Sail quiver bag RIGBAG PRO Mystic

Front and back carry straps Carry straps Heavy duty 600D...

Optiparts - Windesign 48L
Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag 48L Optiparts - Windesign

Heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon buoyancy bag. According to IOD’95 rules. Bags made of polyurethane coated nylon are about half...

Optiparts - Windesign PVC
Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag PVC Optiparts - Windesign

Made of , high quality flexible pvc foil. With non return...

2 products Maui Fin
Maui Fin
Sail quiver bag Maui Fin

The MFC quiver bag can carry up to 6 sails and has a separate storage...

Maui Fin MFC
Sail quiver bag MFC Maui Fin

The MFC quiver bag offers seperate sail and mast storage as well as...

1 products HOT SAILS MAUI
Sail quiver bag HOT SAILS MAUI

Expanding Quiver Bag: (175cm/205cm/235cm) (205cm/235cm/270cm) New! Quiver bag that will fit 5-6 sails. Expands...

2 products Mauisails
Sail quiver bag Mauisails

Quiver Bag Easily holds 6-7 sails with tough heavy-duty construction for air travel, back...

Mauisails COMBO
Sail and mast quiver bag COMBO Mauisails

Everyday Sail and Mast Combo Bag Holds 5-6 sails, up to 6 (two piece) masts in separate compartments, and when correctly strapped, your hopes will not be crushed before...

1 products em sports
em sports
Sail quiver bag em sports

The belts for fastening on the roof rack runs through over the masts and under the sails, they are protected...


Rolly Tasker Long Zipper...

2 products Crewsaver
Crewsaver MAST
Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag MAST Crewsaver

Heavy duty fabric construction Greatly reduce the risk of damage and injury caused by capsize and sinking Available...

Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag Crewsaver

PU coated nylon Welded construction...

1 products DELTA Voiles
McLaughlin Boat Works EX1222
Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag EX1222 McLaughlin Boat Works

Long tube with twist lock valve. This tube allows...

McLaughlin Boat Works EX1219
Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag EX1219 McLaughlin Boat Works

Sporty McLaughlin logoed red airbag. Oversized...

McLaughlin Boat Works EX1220
Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag EX1220 McLaughlin Boat Works

These are to be used inside GRP tanks. They...

LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment 57353, 57353
Sailing dinghy buoyancy bag 57353, 57353 LALIZAS | Life Saving Equipment

It is a fact that many incidents happen while anchoring or docking your boat. Of course the only victim is your boat and that is because you may lack the proper anchoring or...

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