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4 products VETUS
VETUS HT301132
Cooler for hydraulic system HT301132 VETUS

If too much heat is generated by a pump...

Engine lubricant VMD151 VETUS

Marine Diesel Synthetic...

Gear lubricant VTF1 VETUS

Transmission Oil is suitable for all...

Boat pressure indicator OIL12B VETUS

Scale calibration 0-8 kg/cm² and 0-110...

Mercury Outboards VERADO
Engine lubricant VERADO Mercury Outboards

A technology specific 25W-50 marine oil formulated for the world’s first and only supercharged and intercooled outboard engine. The unmatched torque and acceleration...

Mercury Outboards MERCRUISER
Engine lubricant MERCRUISER Mercury Outboards

Specifically formulated and developed to meet the needs of: High-output sterndrive and inboard engines. Developed for the rigors of the marine environment....

Mercury Outboards PREMIUM 2
Lubricant for out-board gearcases PREMIUM 2 Mercury Outboards

Premium 2-Cycle Outboard Oil Buy at Parts Express Specifically formulated with a marine additive package to meet the needs of: Low-to mid-horsepower outboard...

Mercury Outboards PREMIUM PLUS
Lubricant for out-board gearcases PREMIUM PLUS Mercury Outboards

Specifically formulated with a higher concentration marine additive package to meet the needs of: High-horsepower outboard including direct fuel-injected engines in extreme...

Mercury Outboards PREMIUM LUBE
Gear lubricant PREMIUM LUBE Mercury Outboards

Specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of outboard lower units. Provides excellent lubrication and wear resistance for outboard lower unit gears. Great for both high and...

2 products International
1 products JOTUN
Boat for exotic wood JOTUN

Teak Oil is an organic teak oil designed to protect teak decks from oxidation and degradation caused by the...

Quicksilver Parts & Accessories 15W40 Heavy Duty
Heavy duty diesel inboard engine 15W40 Heavy Duty Quicksilver Parts & Accessories

Protects better than standard fleet oils. Use of this oil will: Provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection which...

Quicksilver Parts & Accessories 5W30 Full Synthetic
Inboard synthetic engine 5W30 Full Synthetic Quicksilver Parts & Accessories

Optimizes engine performance in marine applications because this stable, stay-in-grade formula resists thermal breakdown and oxidation under...

Quicksilver Parts & Accessories Gear Lube
Marine transmission Gear Lube Quicksilver Parts & Accessories

Quicksilver outperforms automotive gear oil in marine applications because of its specialized...

Quicksilver Parts & Accessories Horse Power Gear Lube
Marine transmission Horse Power Gear Lube Quicksilver Parts & Accessories

Quicksilver outperforms automotive gear oil in marine applications because of its specialized...

Marlin Yacht Paints
Boat nourishing for exotic wood Marlin Yacht Paints

Traditional impregnating oil for teak. Let the surface dry, when the wood is perfectly...

Marlin Yacht Paints
Boat for exotic wood Marlin Yacht Paints

Special impregnating oil for teak studied to keep the natural colour of the...

7 products Star Brite
Star Brite 27800
Engine lubricant 27800 Star Brite

Description : Pro Star 4 Cycle Heavy Duty Oil SAE 30 Content : 3,785 L Units per case : 6 Gross Wgt Kg per Case : 21,7kg Topics : .Exceeds OEM requirements-will not void...

Star Brite 85132NP
Boat for exotic wood 85132NP Star Brite

Description : Natural Protecting Oil Content : 950 ml Units per case : 6 Gross Wgt Kg per Case : 5,5 Kg Gencod : 0 71247 85132 8 Topics : .Extra long lasting protection for teak .Gives teak a natural...

Star Brite 81616
Boat nourishing for exotic wood 81616 Star Brite

Description : Protective oil for teak Content : 473 ml Units per case : 12 Gross Wgt Kg per Case...

Star Brite 27612
Lubricant spray 27612 Star Brite

Description : Aerosol Corrosion Spray Lubricant Content : 312g Units per case : 12 Gross Wgt Kg per Case : 5,7 Kg Gencod : 0 71247 27612...

Star Brite 27010
Gear lubricant 27010 Star Brite

Description : High Viscosity 80W90 Lower Unit Gear Lube Content : 284 ml Units per case : 12 Gross Wgt Kg per Case : 4,1...

Star Brite 27032
Lubricant for out-board gearcases 27032 Star Brite

Topics : For APl MT-1 GL-5, MIL-L-2105D service Formulated with special anti-wear additives,...

15 products Pennzoil
Pennzoil ULTRA
Engine lubricant ULTRA Pennzoil

Ultra-Class Full Synthetic Motor Oil Specially formulated with Hyper Cleansing Technology™ which means nothing keeps your engine closer to factory clean*. Pennzoil Ultra™ is the highest level...

Engine lubricant PLATINIUM Pennzoil

Pennzoil Platinum® is an advanced full synthetic motor oil. Formulated with Superior Active Cleansing...

Pennzoil GOLD
Engine lubricant GOLD Pennzoil

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Pennzoil® Gold™ cleans out up to 40% of sludge in the first oil change plus keeps pistons up to 10% cleaner than the toughest industry standard.1 Cleansing and Protection...

Engine lubricant HIGH MILEAGE VEHICLE® Pennzoil

High Mileage Conventional Motor Oil Next-generation Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil cleans out up to 40% of engine sludge in the first oil change and helps reduce leaks and oil consumption...

Engine lubricant CONVENTIONAL Pennzoil

Pennzoil® motor oil is a traditional oil base, fortified with Active Cleansing Agents™ to...

Pennzoil PREMIUM
Engine lubricant PREMIUM Pennzoil

Pennzoil® Premium Outboard and Multi-Purpose 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a high-performance 2-cycle engine oil meeting...

1 products Tohatsu
Engine lubricant Tohatsu

Genuine Tohatsu Engine Oil is speciaiiy formulated to work...

Tohatsu America TC-W3
Outboard engine TC-W3 Tohatsu America

Tohatsu Premium TC-W3 Oil is specially formulated to work with all 2-strokes including our new TLDI...

1 products Tohatsu
Outboard engine Tohatsu

Genuine Tohatsu Engine Oil is specially formulated to work...

2 products Latham Marine
Latham Marine
Cooler for hydraulic system Latham Marine

OIL COOLERS are required in all steering systems with engine driven power steering pumps....

Latham Marine FILT-8360
Filter FILT-8360 Latham Marine

FILTERS are an integral part of any fluid system, whether it is hydraulic steering oil, fuel...

3 products E. J. Bowman
E. J. Bowman
Cooler for hydraulic system E. J. Bowman

Bowman Hydraulic Oil Coolers are suitable for heat transfer fluids, lubricating, transformer...

E. J. Bowman DC
Cooler for ships engine DC E. J. Bowman

Bowman DC Oil Coolers are designed for use on small marine transmissions. They have the same...

E. J. Bowman
Cooler for ships engine E. J. Bowman

Bowman Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers: are intended for heating or cooling process fluids, they are for example suitable for closed...

2 products Thermex
Thermex   2000 SERIES
Cooler for hydraulic system 2000 SERIES Thermex

Hydraulic Oil Coolers have been manufactured by Thermex since 1979, using an established design combining high performance with durability and reliability. Oil coolers can be selected from our standard...

Thermex   GB SERIES
Cooler for boat transmission GB SERIES Thermex

Thermex Transmission Oil Coolers, also known as the Thermex GB range, are designed for small marine transmissions and are ideal fuel and engine oil coolers for lower duty marine engines. Their extruded...

11 products MATT CHEM MARINE
Engine lubricant MATT CHEM MARINE

STORAGE OIL FOR OUT-BOARD ENGINE Lubricates and protects internal engine components...

Boat nourishing for exotic wood GOLDEN OIL - 3 MATT CHEM MARINE

TEAK OIL GOLDEN GLINT Protects teak and other hard woods against bleaching...

Boat nourishing for exotic wood STOPO MATT CHEM MARINE

AQUAEOUS WATER-REPELLING SATURATOR FOR TEAK Colourless. Reduces significantly...



Silicone lubricant G.7 MATT CHEM MARINE

SILICONE - NOBLE LUBRICANT Very effective colourless lubricant...


LUBRICANT P.T.F.E. BASED Heavy duty P.T.FE. formula. Protection...

2 products Plasticoque
Boat nourishing for exotic wood Plasticoque

TEAK OIL is an extremely nourishing...

Lubricant spray Plasticoque

P.T.F.E. in solution dry lubricates all friction or sliding metal surfaces...

1 products Aurora
Boat nourishing for exotic wood Aurora

Rated BEST Waterline Stain Remover by Powerboat Reports & Practical Sailor Fast...

Life Industries Corp.
Boat nourishing for exotic wood Life Industries Corp.

Most advanced teak oil and sealer available. Will deliver long lasting protection...

ILPA Adesivi - Levante
Boat nourishing for exotic wood ILPA Adesivi - Levante

TEAK OIL Teak waterproofing treatment TEAK OIL is a waterproofing treatment specifically for teak, but can be used with all other types of wood...

3 products Sadira
Sadira 4046 / 4057
Boat nourishing for exotic wood 4046 / 4057 Sadira

Long lasting formula. Seals and protectsteak and other kind of woods....

Lubricant spray for electrical contacts CENTAURO Sadira

Centauro The appreciated and popular rust-preventive,...

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