Hydrogenerators for boats

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Charge your batteries under sail by putting the generator in the water

- For 12 Volts systems
- Programmable idler neutral gear voltage e.g. 14,4 V
- 40 A / 12 V maximum current!
- Max. current programmable...


UWTM 100 underwater micro hydro turbine 100W continuous battery charging power in 4m/s (8kts) flow

Powerful - generates 2.4 kWh per day from 400mm deep fast...

Ampair dual regulated Kaplan hydro turbine

In recent years Ampair has developed the Ampair dual regulated Kaplan hydro turbine (Ampair DRK HT). Now owners of low head and low flow sites can purchase a cost-effective fully automated Kaplan turbine with integrated fish screen and trash rack. As Ampair say just add concrete and water.
The Ampair dual...


The CRUISING hydro generator is a simplified variation of the RACING version, adapted to the use of cruising and racing sailboats.

With a pleasant design,...

The RACING hydro generator is the patented and industrialized version of the prototypes developed for the round the world race Vendée Globe 2008. This model is particularly adapted to performing racing...

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