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folding gangway / for boat - 00658-1

Made of aluminum and teak....

folding gangway / for boat - 42.656.00

Made of anodized light alloy, fitted with grating...

folding gangway / for boat - 42.656.00

This is an extremely versatile and easy to use article. Folding in 3 parts and made of an aluminium grating, it is 2 mt. long and weights circa 13 kilos only. It can be easily positioned in several places on the boat, by means of a nylon and carbon combined socket, into which...

folding gangway / for boat - NAOMI 2

Folding gangways for better stowage....

folding gangway / for boat / teak - BAVARIA

Cod PP/19T

Folding gangway...

folding gangway / for boat -

Gangways that are strong yet light!
- A wide variety of models
- «Mini» model for small boats
- «Light» model or bigger loads...

folding gangway / boat / carbon - NEWPORT


The foldable for higher requirements
Rigid light weight CARBON box structure
Land end with...

folding gangway / boat / carbon - Freeport

The extendable Freeport offers optimum adaptability to any change...

folding gangway / boat / carbon - 3-section

NEW model of GS Composite Carbon gangway 320 cm three part!

GS Composite made a new model of carbon gangway, which can be used as foldable gangway in lenght...

folding gangway / boat / carbon - 216 cm

Folding model

Length: 216 cm
width: 39 cm

Structure weight 4.4 kg
Total weight 5.6 kg
Max load...

folding gangway / boat / carbon - 285 cm

The only complete range of autoclave cured pre-preg carbon gangways and steering wheels on the market.

100% carbon fibre pre-preg fabrics
autoclave curing (120°...

folding gangway / boat / carbon - 350 cm

The only complete range of autoclave cured pre-preg carbon gangways and steering wheels on the market.

100% carbon fibre pre-preg fabrics
autoclave curing (120° C...

folding gangway / boat / carbon / teak-floored - Teak & Carbon

Exclusive Teak & Carbon line - Exit Engineering gangways

Exit Engineering introduces a fully customizable teak walking surface

Woods: Teak - Wengè - Maple
The walking surface of the boat carbon gangway can be made of teak wood....

folding gangway / for boat - 13677

USHIP has selected the 2 m range of folding gangways for their innovative folding system....

folding gangway / for boat / teak - MANUAL

Simpson Davits produce a complete range of
fixed or folding gangways (passerelles), for boarding from quay or marina, or for use as steps or bathing ladders.
Sizes vary from 2m (6ft) to 3.5m (10’6”) in length - other...

folding gangway / for boat - EZB-1110

Polished AISI 316L stainless steel construction with seawater resistance teakwood or UV (Ultraviolet) and wear and tear resist plastic grating.
Handrails are manualy located to their position after full length...

folding gangway / for boat - EZB-1110

Light, strong annodized aluminum gangplanks. Simple...

folding gangway / for boat - EZB-1110

Length: 2,02/2,55 m

folding gangway / for boat - EZB-1110

Length: 2,05/2,55 m


How to choose this product


A folding gangway takes the form of a board or plank connecting a vessel to the quay. There are many different sizes and designs.


The main function of the gangway is to provide a link between a vessel and a dock. A gangway also can be a structural element bridging the gap between two docks, piers or pontoons.


Unlike other types, these gangways can be folded in two or more segments to reduce the amount of deck space lost to stowage. Configuration, design and construction materials vary from model to model, though most are metal or wood in the form of a plank. Some operate with small electric motors.

How to choose

The most important criterion of choice is vessel type and size.

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