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ship controller / data communication - JUE-87

Global data communication solution
The JUE-87 is a highly reliable mobile satellite message communication system, having the ability to handle commercial,...

boat controller / pump / bilge / automatic - 12V / 24V

Switch panel that gives you full control over your equipment. Just push the button...

ship controller / data communication - DCU5

DCU5 is a modular data system for the acquisition of digital...

boat controller / generator - 84-2064-00

Xantrex's Automatic Generator Start is a stand-alone unit that provides automatic On/Off operation for your generator. Compatible with any inverter/charger system except Xantrex MS/RS Series.

Starts and stops your auxiliary...

boat controller / generator - DECISION-MAKER® 3+


The Decision-Maker(R) 3+ provides system control for the full range of generators.

boat controller / generator - DECISION-MAKER® 55


The Decision-Maker(R) 550 controller provides complete system control with unique logic for reliable performance. This...

boat controller / bilge / pump / automatic - BSW 1000

The BSW 1000 by Smartswitch has been designed to counter the design failings of bilge switches of yesterday. Short life span and unreliability caused by switches continuously burning-out was almost 'par for the course'. NOT ANYMORE.
Easy to install and easy to operate, the BSW 1000 offers today's mariner a reliable alternative to the old technology still on the market today.


boat controller / programmable - SPT- 001

SPT 001 Programmable Controller. Program in Four Simple Steps. By following the simple instructions you can set this timer from 1 second to 240 days. 12 or...

boat controller / programmable - SDP 003

Two timers in One. Program in Five Simple Steps.
SDP 003 Dual Programmable Controller. Two timers in One. Program in Five Simple Steps. Same as above module but comes with additional function and convenience. Following the simple instructions, you can program this timer from 1 second to 240 days for both ON and OFF timers. The...

boat controller / bilge / pump / automatic - EFS10

The EFS-10 Automatic Bilge Pump Controller monitors the presence of water in the bilge of your boat and turns on your pump if the electronic float switch detects water...

boat controller / generator - ACM 3

AC-Monitor for supervision of the AC-system. Built-in device.

boat controller / bilge / pump / automatic - 3350-HTPO

The new 3350-HTPO Holding Tank Pump Out Controller displays the holding tank level on a standard 2" Panel Gauge.

The green START button manually starts the pump out where and when allowed. The unit automatically...

boat controller / bilge / pump / automatic - BILAC002

The BILAC002 panel transmits an audio and visual alarm directly to the bridge

ship controller / generator - 0004600

maximum cable length 200m

ship controller / generator - 0503810

2 outputs: for loading battery and power...

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