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With aluminium...

Telescopic Gaff



Simple mooring hooks
Perfect for fastenings to mooring buoys


Anodised aluminium.


Landolt docking-rescue hook

High drag force.
Connected to rescue lines.
Is handled by...

Easy ship docking

The easy ship docking system allows yachts and sports boats to be moored securely and easily in a harbour or to a buoy without external assistance.

This system reduces stress during a docking manoeuvre. It lowers the risk of injury to the crew...

Snap-lock telescopic pole

Technical data



Two hooks in one
Easy release from moorings (trip line included)
Easy tying up in locks
Simply clip on to the ring of the buoy and cleat off the line...

The heavy telescopic boat hook
- The telecoping boat hook - adjustable from 4 up to 7 feet
- Compatible...

Line Hook for Lazy-lines

With this hook docking in a harbour is child’s play !

The quickest, easiest and cleanest way to moor!

No more barnacle cuts

Safety Lock
Easy attaching to bollards, posts, cleats and locks!

Perfect to use on sluices...


Brass hook




A unique innovation. The Hook & Moor boats hook helps you thread a mooring rope threw a mooring ring with a simple pull or push. Always ready to...


Description : Boat Hook
Units per case : 12
Gross Wgt Kg per Case : 1,2Kg

Description : EZ Hooker Boat Hook
Units per case : 12
Gross Wgt Kg per Case : 0


This innovative boat hook helps you thread a...


Boat Hooks

A tough boat hook is a valuable asset when launching...


Boat hook -...


Wide gap to grab large objects or cleats - push or pull.

. Garelick boat hooks extend your reach!
. A necessity for any boat when docking, launching, retrieving or mooring
. Lightweight,...


C-QUIP boat hooks are visually striking in carbon fibre with a highly polished stainless steel hook.

The length can be...


The boat hook is one of the most over-looked but important pieces of boating safety equipment. The development of the...

HOOK-MATE® was designed especially with kayakers in mind. This floating fending and grabbing...


How to choose this product


A boat hook is a long, thin pole with a hook at one end, used to handle lines and facilitate small boat docking maneuvers. NauticExpo offers several kinds of boat hook including telescopic, line-handling and those with paddle.


Boat hooks are used to recover out-of-reach objects such as nets, buoys and lines. They also can be used to fend off during small boat docking maneuvers.


A boat hook is usually made from light, non-corrosive materials such as aluminum. It has a hook, generally of plastic, at one end, and a non-slip handle or grip at the other.

How to choose

Boat hook size will partly depend on vessel size.

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