Who we are

The clean and
quiet alternative

Sailing quietly and sustainably, using a reliable and affordable engine? Choose the WaterWorld electric drives.

WaterWorld produces electric drives for the boating industry. We have specifically designed these systems to optimize your boating experience. Have a fun day on the water, without compromises. With WaterWorld, you choose a clean and sustainable future on the water.

Our values

Carefree sailing

Our WaterWorld Inboard electric drive is available in four versions. All are:


From a short trip to spending days on the water; there is a right battery pack for each occasion.


Our engines are developed and produced in the Netherlands and are highly reliable: we take pride in our Dutch craftsmanship.


Electric boating more expensive than using diesel engines? Not with WaterWorld. Because WaterWorld systems require little maintenance, going electric will pay for itself in the long run. Especially with our extensive and affordable range of products.