Vision Marine Technologies

Who we are

Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: VMAR), the global leader in the electric recreational boating industry serving both OEMs and consumers, is in the business of designing and manufacturing electric outboard powertrain systems and our related technologies. Vision Marine sells 100% electric boats, outboard motors, and technology to the marine industry via our retail e-commerce website, rental boating companies, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).

Vision Marine strives to be a guiding force for change and an ongoing driving factor in fighting the problems associated with waterway pollution by disrupting the traditional boating industry with electric power. In turn, this directly contributes to zero pollution, zero emission, and a noiseless environment. Vision Marine believe that our electric outboard powertrain systems are significantly more efficient and powerful than those currently being offered in the market today.

In particular, Vision Marine have recorded powertrain efficiencies of more than 94%, well above the 54% efficiency that Vision Marine recorded for our principal competitor’s product. Our flagship outboard powertrain (“E-Motion™”) is the first fully electric purpose-built outboard powertrain system with 180 hp. It combines an advanced battery pack, an inverter, and a high efficiency motor with proprietary union assembly between the transmission and the electric motor design utilizing extensive control software. Our E-Motion™ and related technologies used in this powertrain system are uniquely designed to improve the efficiency of the outboard powertrain and, as a result, enhance both range and performance.

Vision Marine continues to design, innovate, manufacture, and sell handcrafted, high performance, environmentally friendly, electric recreational powerboats to customers. The design and technology applied to our boats result in far greater enhanced performance in general, higher speeds, and longer range. Simply stated, a smoother ride than a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) motorboat.

Our values

We aim to play a key role in transport electrification worldwide. The average size boat needs 15 times more fuel than a family car. This is one of the main reasons we decided to find a way of producing high quality and affordable electric boats. Our engineering and research and development teams work tirelessly in order to innovate in the green energy field. Our boats are noiseless and have zero pollution emission. Therefore, they pay an equally high respect to the environment and people in surrounding areas who are also enjoying the water.