Vira Soluzioni

Who we are

Vira solutions is a limited liability company, and it founded in December 2008.
The members are young and motivated people who grew up side by side with technicians and specialists that having been working for decades in the field of inflatable products for environmental and collective protection.
The result is a team with excellent technical know-how, combined with a dynamic commercial approach to the market. Politeness engagement and correctness towards customers and suppliers characterize us.
Vira soluzioni's products portfolio is manufactured in our operational headquarters in Sabaudia (LT) near Rome, whereas our administrative office is situated about 30 Km North of Milan. All range of oil containment booms manufactured in quality neoprene and polyurethane are made in italy and we collaborate with italian suppliers.
Also we’re able to offer not only a set of standardized products but we have the ability to customize them to special requirements or even to design new products from scratch for peculiar applications.
Among our customers we have international companies active in the oil industry, environmental protection, water management, hotels, handlers and public administration.
The aim is to preserve the high quality of products and looking for achieve the optimum development of manufacturing.
Vira soluzioni's social commitment
The company deals with cancer research, supporting the organization "AIRC", the Italian Association for Cancer Research.
Vira Soluzioni thanks you for your attention, and don't hesitate to contact us

Our values

Vira Soluzioni designs and products all models of containment floating booms.

Containment boom is a temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill, oily pollutants, hydrocarbons, waste, organic and artificial foams. It is often the first containment method to be used for protection of areas and the last equipment to be removed from the site of an oil spill or little accidents, and we can protect the water through its use.

Containment boom could be equipped by long draft in the underwater part for the protection of beaches from seaweeds and jellyfishes. Oil Containment boom for dredging. We have a production of containment booms for flood or collapsible dikes for channel. Also containment boom could be easily handled from people who aren't experts of this sector.

Inflatable tents are created with a pneumatic self-supporting structure in rubber coated fabric, and still remain up in pressure for more days. The external frame is transpiring and waterproof.

All products of Vira Soluzioni srl are made in italy and also all suppliers are italians. The project work of new items is customized to different requirements of clients. Vira Soluzioni creates products with three main materials: rubber coated fabric, pvc fabric and polyurethane fabric, with high resistance, moreover the production of open tanks, towable open tanks, self-inflatable tanks and flexible pillow tanks.

We strive to work closely with our customers to be proactive in anticipating their needs and issues, to listen them and understand their needs. They are pleased with our efforts and responsiveness in finding solutions.