Ushakovo Yards LTD

Who we are

The Real Ships boatyard, Ushakovo Yards, is a modern shipbyard located in the Kaliningrad region.
Since 2012, we are building premium steel displacement yachts following the rules and traditions of the Dutch shipbuilding industry.

Our shipyard specialists have been fully trained in the Netherlands, which in combination with their passion guarantees the highest level of quality and performances of our yachts, measuring up to 20 meters long. Thanks to our expertise in both engineering and design, we have the ability to create much more than standard yachts: we can achieve the wishes of our most demanding customers, by offering the best individualized solutions.

Our values

For us, the creation of your yacht is not just a choice of concept or model from our portfolio: you are directly participating in the process of construction management. Together with our specialists, you can discuss any possible changes, choose the color scheme of your yachts, determine its equipments and define your interior design.

The location of our shipyard in the Special Economic Zone of Kaliningrad makes our offer also very attractive in terms of costs.

The result of this cooperation is a fully personalized yacht according to your taste, desire and capabilities!

Thanks to our vast experience and connections within the European yachting sector, Ushakovo Yards is the official representative of several equipent suppliers, brokerage and charter companies.

Our collaboration with you can be very diverse and fruitful.