Ullman Dynamics

Who we are

The Ullman Heritage

In 1984 Johan Ullman M.D. served on board Swedish destroyer HMS Halland as the doctor for the 1:st Surface Attack Flotilla.
When he examined sailors having served for 9 months onboard the motor-torpedo boats, he found that more than 80% had back problems. He thought that this was not good – nor very fair.
Thus Dr. Ullman started his scientific research at the Orthopaedic dept. of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, internationally recognised for research in back injuries.
He developed measuring methods, pioneering the field of whole-body impact and vibration at sea and also analysed the human physiological and motoric response to shock and impact.
Dr. Ullman was already famous for a number of epochal inventions in the field of human factors, ergonomics and injury prevention, when the Swedish Coastguard asked him to create, based on his scientific results, technologies protecting people at sea from injuries caused by impact exposure.
First organisations to standardise on Dr. Ullman’s seats were the Sw. Coastguard, the Sw. Sea Rescue, KNRM the Dutch Sea Rescue and the UK Royal Marines.
Decades later Ullman Seats is still the world-leading brand. – Still unsurpassed in performance and the de facto standard in agencies in more than 55 countries worldwide.
The Ullman Coat of Arms, dated 1685, has now been made the seal for the Ullman line of products. The motto Protegens Populus reads Protecting People.

Our values

Our mission is Protecting People

Providing the ultimate suspension seats for high-performance boats.
Enable operators and crews to carry out missions in high seas, at high speeds, without injuries, with minimal fatigue and maximum comfort.

Quality Policy

Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements at each individual order based on the conditions at hand.

Our customers should be able to rely on delivery on time with the highest quality.

We provide comprehensive solutions for our products and services. We do not just supply products and services, but also individual service to each customer.

To achieve this, our employees shall:

Have the right skills

A development plan for each employee is communicated verbally so that the right skills and awareness is up-to-date.

Training will be made available when the need for competence increases.

Be service minded

Customer focus is central, that is, each employee is responsible to find out what the customer wants and if the company can meet the demands, and how.

The customer must feel well treated and prioritized regardless of customer type and order size.

Keep their promises

Employees must follow the Ullman Dynamics business model and not step outside the expertise they possess.To achieve optimal customer satisfaction, they shall determine what the customer requires to be satisfied with the purchase throughout the lifetime of the product.

Provide accurate information

Continuous communication with the customer from initial contact to final delivery is vital in order to manage and adapt to changes and secure customer satisfaction.

To constantly improve, we shall:

Follow up on customer orders.

The main focus is on customer satisfaction.Customer satisfaction is measured Follow-up inquiries with customers will be conducted to find potential improvements. Informal customer satisfaction surveys are also conducted continuously by the sales force.

Lost business opportunities shall be followed-up to eliminate the risk of committing the same mistakes multiple times.

Through customer feedback, we will identify our weaknesses and strengths, and find out where we need to apply resources to implement.

Quality problems will be monitored and this shall then be consulted and actions will be taken to avoid the same problems in the future.

Have a personal development plan for employees

This is so that we shall possess the right skills, practical knowledge and awareness.

Be responsive to customer requirements

We shall,as far as possible,adapt production and products according to customer requirements.

Constantly update quality objectives

The quality goals must be as high as possible while realistic for Ullman Dynamics to achieve.

Goals must be communicable, measurable, specific, documented and achievable.

All employees of Ullman Dynamics have a share of responsibility for the quality, both when it comes to products and services.

Environmental Policy

Ullman Dynamics develop, manufacture, market and sell suspended boat seats and thereby associated products and services.

We work for sustainable development where environmental considerations are integrated into all business decisions. We are committed to continually improving this work. Employees of Ullman Dynamics shall, as far as possible, choose eco-friendly travel options and shall within procurement also take into account environmental concerns. Offices and warehouses are geographically located with the aim to minimize travel and logistics for both personnel and goods. Customers are given the option to choose carbon neutral freight for their goods.

Ullman Dynamics is thus committed to:

Identify, evaluate, and meet the environmental demands assigned to us.

Comply with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements.

Work with environmental issues in a preventive manner.

Through technical and economical actions, carry out and continually improve our business in a way that balances our corporate social responsibility and environmental demands.

Have good knowledge of environmental issues related to the products we procure.

Creating favorable conditions for our employees to take an active environmental responsibility.

Communicate our environmental effort in a transparent and clear manner.

Conserve energy and resources.

Maintain focus on our actual environmental impact

All employees at Ullman Dynamics shall be involved and informed about our environmental work. The information about our environmental efforts shall be open and accessible. The environmental policy is communicated directly and is available through our intranet.

The environmental policy shall be reviewed annually and serve as a beacon for the employees at Ullman Dynamics.