Tietoset Marine Ltd.

Who we are

We are internationally operating Finnish company that designs and manufactures components, products and materials that advance the business of our customers. Our history extends over 20 years and the present business is based on industrial sourcing consulting services. We are growing and for the year 2019, we expected to have total revenues worth of 2,5 million euros.

Our business is divided into three business areas: Marine, Furniture and Solutions. Our mission is built on the idea of product rethinking and improvement so that the end client of our customer receives better performance, higher quality or lower price. In the very best case, all of these objectives can be achieved at once.

We are an agile, fast learning organization that takes advantage of the best manufacturing practices, strong competence in sourcing and extended contract manufacturing networks in providing better solutions to our customers. We want to be our customers’ prime choice when they are buying components, products and raw materials that best match their needs and improve the satisfaction of their clients. Our work creates value for our customers and enables us to grow together with them.

Our values

"Your customers customize their boating experience. 

We customize your components for the best user experience."

Our presence around the world