Tietoset Marine Ltd.

Who we are

We contract manufacture components, raw materials and semi-finished products for OEMs intelligently and ecologically sustainably (SIMa – Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing). This stands for effectively utilizing existing production capacity and know-how without needlessly investing in new. Our operations result in excellent end products, cost savings for our client and more effective resource utilization in the value chain. Responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

Always tailor-made solutions for the client with satisfaction guarantee

We are responsible for production planning, manufacturing and delivery logistics to our client’s production line or as a single-packed product ready for retail sales. Operating flexibly offers our client an easy to buy solution without a need to add on or stretch their own resources. We take pride in designing and manufacturing customer specific, industrial goods globally and delivering them most ecological, sustainable way via sea packed in plastics-free, fully recyclable packing.

Components for harsh conditions

We are used to making durable quality products for extremely challenging and demanding conditions. The quality of our products is tested daily on the thousands of end products of our tens of marine customers worldwide. We are specialized in polished Stainless Steel products and the durability of the products is combined with a spectacular appearence.

Our values

"When just the ordinary is not enough for you - customized solutions for those who stand out"

We are content only after our client is. Our mission is best possible customer value and satisfaction combined with commercial profitability. We target 100% customer satisfaction.

Our presence around the world