Tahe Outdoors

Who we are

Tahe Outdoors - the leading European watersports company is delivering innovation to paddlers across the globe.

Tahe Outdoors (previously known as Tahe Kayaks) is the top manufacturing and distribution company in the field of high quality watersports equipment in Europe. Our mission is to change people’s lives by introducing them to one of the most relaxing ways to spend their free time – kayaking. We are doing that in the most reliable and enjoyable way - through the kayaks, canoes and paddling gear manufactured by us in France and Estonia with attention to every single detail as well as concern for the environment. Company was established in 1989 by competition paddlers. First kayak was built with the help of Finnish colleagues from Finnish Canoe Federation. Tahe Outdoors was restructured in 2007, when two brothers Marek Pohla and Janek Pohla joined the company. Today, Tahe Outdoors operates with 5 brands of watersport equipment and has 3 factories with 130 employees. Quality is reflected in every single detail of our products and we do not make any compromises there.

Interesting facts about Tahe Outdoors

• Tahe Outdoors is one of the biggest kayak, canoe and paddling equipment manufacturers in Europe operating with five different brand names.

• Tahe Outdoors’s sales network covers more than 35 countries worldwide, our kayaks are well known and appreciated all over the world.

• Product development and production takes place on the northern coast of Estonia and in one, using the most advanced technology and the best materials available.

• World-class kayaks, canoes and paddling equipment - offerings from high-end to budget models

• Variety of constructions and color options to choose from – most of them can be seen when visiting our plants.

• Our most exotic export markets: Chile, Venezuela, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia

• DSM (advanced resins manufacturer) in co-operation with Tahe Outdoors won the innovation award at the JEC shows (Paris and Shanghai) 2011 and in KOMPOZYT-EXPO (Poland) 2011. DSM displayed Wind Solo of Tahe Marine at the show which was manufactured by using Palapreg® ECO

• Marek Pohla and Janek Pohla (brothers and owners of Tahe Outdoors) were finalists at the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneurs Of The Year” awards in Estonia 2011

• TAHE – means “Willpower” in Estonian

Our values

Tahe Outdoors has heavily set foot in the European market and our product quality is well know all over the world. We are constantly growing, aiming to be the number 1 watersport equipment manufacturer in Europe. Our diverse product range ensures our customers the comfort of getting everyhing they need from one manufacturer. We have offices and ambassadors in various countries to provide close support for local markets. Tahe Outdoors values innovative solutions, attention to detail, flexibility and excellent customer support.